packard bell imedia 1502

  johnyd 01:50 29 Aug 2006

i installed more ram to my pc but when i try and play games or create dvds it keeps cutting off on me i bought the ram at pc world and checked it was the right one i even exchanged it for a new one but still the same problem can anyone help with this matter please?

  Taff™ 05:59 29 Aug 2006

What do you mean by "it keeps cutting off on me"? Does the computer crash or what? Try updating some of the drivers. There`s a Video Driver update click here under Drivers dated July 2006 for example.

  johnyd 10:00 29 Aug 2006

the pc just turns off instantly and wont turn on for a couple of mins if i put my old ram back in this does not happen it only happens when i put in more than 256mb of ram is

  Strawballs 13:19 29 Aug 2006

Memory Details for Packard Bell iMedia 1502
Standard Memory : 256MB or 512MB or 1GB (Removable)
Maximum Memory : 2GB
Total Memory Slots : 2
Memory Type : 184-Pin PC2700 (333MHz) DIMM

I can't explain this 1 this was copied and pasted from web site (I googled Packard bell iMedia 1502 and this was the top 1)

  keef66 14:14 29 Aug 2006

how much did you have originally and was it 1 or 2 memory sticks?

how much additional memory have you bought, and how many sticks?

have you tried the new memory on its own or just in conjunction with the old?

  johnyd 15:54 29 Aug 2006

it originaly came with just 256 i then bought another 256 and put that in along side it but when i tried to play games the whole pc would cut off so i swapped it for a 512 and just put that in the original slot same thing happened it works but i cant play games or create dvds but if i put the original back in i can do both pc world told me the new ram is fine but i cant understand why this is happening i should be able to insall more ram with ease

  johnyd 21:20 29 Aug 2006

there was only one stick of ram with the pc but it was too slow does anyone have any idea why its cutting off on me please ?

  keef66 12:54 30 Aug 2006

I'm not having a go at PC World, but it sounds as if there's some incompatibility between the ram you've bought and your pc. Games and video creation are memory intensive tasks.

I always buy memory from Crucial since their website helps you select the right stuff and they guarantee that it will work. According to Crucial you need either:

pc2700 (DDR333)CL=2.5 unbuffered non ECC 2.5v or
pc3200 (DDR400)CL=3.0 unbuffered non ECC 2.6v

Do you have a similarly detailed spec for the memory you have bought?

  johnyd 13:05 30 Aug 2006

they gave me (sdram400) it is pc3200 it is a strange one because my old ram does everything but its too slow and 256mb is not enough memory

  johnyd 13:10 30 Aug 2006

whats strange about it is that it is much faster but i cant do those things i can even give it a memory test because it shuts off like it would in a power cut instantly off is that damaging to a pc ?

  johnyd 13:15 30 Aug 2006

ive been back to pcworld numerous times and they keep telling me its my pc but if its my pc then why does my old ram work fine? but telling them that is like hitting your head against a brick wall! do you have to format the ram or calibrate it or something?

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