packard bell Igo 3491laptop

  1948 22:45 18 Mar 2003

had to take my laptop into pc. world asking why i could only connect to the internet at 24mbps. it isnt a server fault because my main desktop Pc connects at 49mbps.also the cpu speed shows it only working at 795mhz. The processor is an AMD Athlon xp 1900.The guy at pc world tells me it all depends on how many windows are open at the same time which in effect would slow the processor speed. If this is correct, then how come it doesnt happen on my desk top which also has the AMD Athlon xp 1.6 ghz processor. Is he just trying to blind me with science, because i know absolutely zilch when someone is using techno speak.I need the correct info to confront him with if he is just giving me a load of bull. The laptop is only a few months old. Is their anybody out there who can give me the correct info.

  VoG™ 22:53 18 Mar 2003

I think you mean bps not mbps (!)

I think you are being fobbed off but have a look at your modem's properties.

I have loads of windows open and am near 1mb/s (cable broadband).

  1948 23:17 18 Mar 2003

"Thanks for your quick response.As you may have guessed I am very computer illiterate. Its hard to evaluate if your getting the correct info from the staff at pc world. I am on Freeserve anytime and have not had many connection problems. But still dont understand why having multiple widows open have an effect on the processor speed. I just need to have some ammunition to say to the guy it has nothing to do with the amount of windows that are open,it must be something else which is affecting the speed of the processor. Confused 1948.

  VoG™ 23:27 18 Mar 2003

You need to go into Control Panel and check what your modem is set to do.

To give you precise instructions we need to know what version of Windows you are using.

Whatever that says, the number of windows open should not affect your modem speed.

  davidg_richmond 23:38 18 Mar 2003

1948 - the processor is a Mobile Athlon which sets its speed according to the work load of the laptop - so if you are just browsing about in Windows, it works slower to conserve battery power. Playing games will ramp the speed up considerably. You do not need the full speed most of the time.

Try downloading an updated modem driver from click here to see if it solves the problem.

  VoG™ 20:38 21 Mar 2003

via e-mail

Again many thanks Vog for the info. The laptop is back into PCWorld.For your info its windows XP with AMD Athlon 1900 processor. regards 1948


Good luck!

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