packard bell i media desktop freezes when booting

  dickie1234 11:15 04 Sep 2009

My xp rig won't boot, it gets as far as the screen where the indicator is moving across then freezes. I formatted the HDD and reinstalled xp home using the recovery disks and it was still the same. I formatted again and installed from a genuine xp home disk,it's still the same! it will run with no problems for hours after i've reinstalled but once i turn it off it will not reboot and i'm back to square one. I even put the old 40gb hard drive that was in it before back in (that hasn't been changed in any way and ran perfectly for about 2 years)and it still freezes in the same place. I've changed the memory and reset the bios to factory defaults i'm running out of ideas HELP!

  ened 11:27 04 Sep 2009

Try unplugging everything except the monitor and ps2 keyboard and mouse.

Obviously keep the main Hard Drive connected and boot.

If it works you need to plug everything else back in one at a time.

  dickie1234 11:52 04 Sep 2009

thanks for your suggestion ened but it's still the same.i can get into the bios ok and it does not switch off or do any strange things but selecting safe mode and last good configuration etc all do nothing and it freezes up before it boots into windows

  dickie1234 11:56 04 Sep 2009

it will not even boot in safe mode so it cannot be a driver problem and when i reinstall windows it works for hours and hours as normal with sound and proper graphics and everything. i'm beginning to suspect the mobo or psp but then again why would it work perfectly once it is up and running?

  ened 13:31 04 Sep 2009

You say it works for hours and hours...

During that time what happens if you reboot (say after installing something)?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:12 04 Sep 2009

Memory Test
MemTest - click here
Tutorial: How to use Memtest - click here
Windows Memory Test - click here

  dickie1234 16:15 04 Sep 2009

sorry for the delay in answering but i've been out. if i install any programs it will restart with a soft boot but if i shut it down at all and then try it it will not boot from cold! The old 40gig hdd that ive put back in hasn't been altered in any way and it ran for 2 years with no problems at all but that won't boot either! i've changed the memory twice and that's done nothing so it may be the mobo or psu

  ened 16:30 04 Sep 2009

I wouldn't have thought it was the mobo.

Have you tried hibernating instead of shutting down?

If so does it come out okay?

  dickie1234 17:09 04 Sep 2009

I'll try running memtest Fruitbat cos all three sets of memory may be duff. I'll try it and see what it says. It will hibernate and start up again with no problems so i think i'll leave it on all the time once i get it running. But i would still like to find the cause of this freezing up cos if the electric goes off for any reason i'll be up the creek without a paddle again. Thanks for your help as well Ened it's beginning to get on my nerves cos this laptop is like watching paint dry when you try to do anything on it

  ened 17:24 04 Sep 2009

I didn't realise it was.

Have you a Recovery Disc?

It may be it needs specific drivers which you will not have on a XP Home CD.

If you have the original Hard Drive there may be a partition which you can access to get it back to it's original state.

I should be alright then.

  dickie1234 17:42 04 Sep 2009

no im using the laptop to post these messages on the net its my desktop pc that is freezing up all the time! sorry for the confusion i was grumbling about the speed of this laptop

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