Packard Bell hard drive problem

  Nightmanager 18:36 22 Sep 2005

I have a dead hard drive in a Packard Bell PC.
Tried the hard drive in another pc and it didn't work, tried a small hard drive from a spare PC in the Packard Bell and this did work. Got a brand new 80Gb Excelsor hard drive and loaded Windows 98 on it used it OK in another machine, but when in the Packard Bell the PC won't get past the Packard Bell logo right at the start, prior to the POST. Any ideas

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:59 22 Sep 2005

Got a brand new 80Gb Excelsor hard drive and loaded Windows 98 on it used it OK in another machine

This is the probem the drivers on the hard drive are for the other machine and are conficting with the equipement in the PB.

Boot in safe mode if you can an uninstall all the drivers reboot and instal the drivers for the PB machine.

  PC Bilbo 19:01 22 Sep 2005

You don't say if the Win 98 is a full licensed disk or a Packhard Bell Recovery Disk.

If the later, it probably won't work as P.B. would have set up a special partition on the original hard drive containing essential files for the Recovery Disk to operate.

You may well need a new Operating System but the motherboard's various chipset and graphics drivers etc should be on the recovery disk. If not , you will need to identify on the HP website and download the drivers for your model.

  dan11 19:13 22 Sep 2005

What was the size of the old PB hard drive. It may be that the bios will not accept that size hard drive.

  Nightmanager 19:43 22 Sep 2005

Thanks Dan, the old hard drive was only 10Gb, but the new one is 80Gb. That will be why it accepted the 2Gb hard drive without a problem.
Is there a way of getting it to take a bigger drive?

  dan11 20:15 22 Sep 2005

Either visit the hard disk manufacturers web site and see if it has software to fool the bios.

Look at the PB web site, see if there is a bios upgrade for you machine. If there is, only use it if it gives you larger disk support.

Buy a pci controller card. This will take hard drives in excess of your 80Gb. The computer should be able to boot from the card. You could then put your operating system on to this.

  dan11 20:33 22 Sep 2005

The excelstor website is a joke. click here. no software there.

You could enter the bios and try and auto detect the drive,


look on the top of the drive. Has it got a jumper setting for a 32gig limitation jumper. If it has, use that. It should see 32Gb as it has been running a 10Gb hard disk. The bios limitations are usually 2gb, 8gb, 32gb, 64gb and 128gb.

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