Packard Bell Easy One Silver problem

  sanguine 21:11 11 Jan 2004

Hi folks...

I bought this lap top nearly new..and within weeks it has a serious problem. The battery will not charge itself and the machine turns itself off every 5 mins or so without saving any settings or data..which, as you can imagine is a bit of a problem. This happens whether the battery is in or out.

Now..I build PC's and mess about with lap tops but an electronics wizzard I am it due to something on the motherboard having 'gone' which controls the power input?

As it was bought as seen and no warrenty I have no recourse and wondered if I could attempt a fix myself or whether anyone thinks it has to be fixed professionally..and if so how much would anyone hazard a guess at?



  woodchip 21:16 11 Jan 2004

As it say's on the Box buyer beware

  sanguine 21:25 11 Jan 2004

But I buy and sell many many lap tops and it is vary rare I get a dud! AND this one worked for about 6 weeks before the problem occured. I may be handy with a spanner but intricate electronics are simply not my thang......

  hugh-265156 22:50 11 Jan 2004
  spanneress 23:01 11 Jan 2004

I will give it a go...but it still does not explain why the blimmin thing turns itself off..with the battery removed and running on a/c power????

The other curious thing is that despite changing the setting in MS Office suite to save the doc / file every few minutes..when the lap top turns itself off, none of the saves have been reverts back to a previous state being just after it was powered on. I have never encountered anything like it.

I am wondering whether it is going to be cost effective to have it repaired or scrap it..shame as it a quite a new model and rather asthetically pleasing!


  woodchip 15:06 12 Jan 2004

Could it be power Management in Control Panel, that need's some adjustment

  spanneress 20:29 12 Jan 2004

... but have changed all the settings in there. Also, the problem is somewhat intermittent. (",)

  woodchip 22:00 12 Jan 2004

What OS if Win98 run SFC from Run box with 98 disc in comp.

If XP run SFC SCANNOW same as above

  woodchip 22:02 12 Jan 2004

So it's not at a regular interval of time

  spanneress 22:42 12 Jan 2004

..alas no....sometimes it stays on for hours and other times it turns itself off as soon as it is powered up. Other times can be after a few minutes. Despite messing with power management settings and removing battery which is completely discharged, nothing improves. I have checked that the charger has appropriate power outage but that's about as far as my non PC electronic skills go...

Am running XP home on it and only ever in VB6 studio or in MS office when this happens....

  hugh-265156 23:09 12 Jan 2004

dont know if this is any use but click here

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