packard bell easy one silver

  luas1973 08:32 14 Mar 2009

I have the above laptop which is on windows xp, the laptop switches itself off, can be after 10 minutes or an hour basically any length of time. It gets extremely hot and i get a fat32 disk error message when switching it back on.
Basically any ideas what is causing this, i want to get it repaired is it worth doign and any idea what roughly i should be looking at paying to get this done

  wee eddie 10:57 14 Mar 2009

It's Airways are clogged up with dust.

If you are using it on your knee or a soft surface, you may be blocking the Airways yourself.

To, almost, clear a Laptops Airways, you'll need a Hoover (to suck) a paint brush (to dislodge) and a Hair Drier (to give the inside a blowout). They should get rid of the worst.

  Taff™ 12:17 14 Mar 2009

Hair Dryer set on COLD !!!!

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