Packard Bell combined modem and sound card driver

  time and a half 21:23 29 Jan 2004

I have just replaced a hard drive in a Packard Bell Executive MM 906D computer that is about 4 years old. Re-installed everything else O.K. except an ISA card that looks like a sound and modem card combined. It has a bar code on it with the company Micro Computer Products AG. Does anyone know where I can get a driver for it to run under Win98?

  Eric10 22:09 29 Jan 2004

You haven't given us much to go on. Are there any numbers on the chips? You could have a look at this driver and come back with more info if it doesn't help. click here login with username "drivers", password "all".

  gudgulf 23:53 29 Jan 2004

A lot of modems have sound---but they are not sound cards.If you are struggling to find the right drivers for the modem--buy a pci one instead,at around a tenner it will save a lot of messing around

click here

click here

  hugh-265156 01:44 30 Jan 2004

cannot find much info on your computer time and a half apart from it uses a pb650 mobo.specs click here

try click here and click "find my serial number for me" it should identify your computer and give links to download drivers and updates for hardware etc supplied with it.

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