packard bell argo c laptop wont go on

  rubygxx 07:46 25 Sep 2010

Hi, i have a laptop that wont power on, press start button and the middle orange light flashes for a second or two then nothing, even when i plug in the power adaptor its same thing, this started two days ago, i managed to get on it last night but even though the adaptor was plugged in , it was telling me there was only 4% power in the battery and it should be plugged in ! now it wont go on at all there is no sound of it even trying to work, i took the battery out and checkedit was clean , the adaptor has a small green light wehn it is switched on so i assume tat is working ok, there does not seem to be a packard bell user forum now to get help,if anyone can shed some light on what the problem may be i would be grateful thanks

  onthelimit 08:27 25 Sep 2010

Sorry, but it sounds terminal - motherboard / power supply circuitry.

  Terry Brown 10:05 25 Sep 2010

It could be that the power adapter is not working although the green light is on, and therefore the battery is not charging. All the green light does is say that it is recieving power from the main, not that it is outputting power to the battery.

Can you either borrow a charger from a friend, or do you know someone with a multimeter, who could test it for you, failing that ask to have it checked at a place like Maplin, where if necessary you can get a replacement.

Incidently a multimeter will cost you (if you decide to buy one) about £10


  compumac 10:18 25 Sep 2010

Agree with Terry Brown's procedure.
I had exactly the same problem with a laptop some years ago. It was a break in the lead between the transfomer and the connection into the laptop. I replaced the cable and away it functioned OK. I should try that first

  birdface 10:43 25 Sep 2010

Old method was to take the battery off and the power adapter and press down on the start key for 30 seconds then install the battery and power adapter and try again.
Could just be the Battery that needs replacing.
How old is the laptop.
Mind you I dont think warranty covers the battery but may cover any other problem.

  woodchip 12:34 25 Sep 2010

I would say your Power Adapter as gone and its flattened the battery

  woodchip 13:47 25 Sep 2010

PS test the Laptop just with Adapter Connected and switched on if it works it a faulty battery if it does not its a faulty adapter

  rubygxx 22:30 25 Sep 2010

Yep its the charger, i have another laptop to fix here and tried the charger off that one and laptop powered up perfectly well , thanks , i thought the charger was fine as it was lit :-(

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