P4M800PRO-M will not post

  kane2007uk 20:25 06 Feb 2007

just got an ECS P4M800PRO-M motherboard and an intel celeron 3.06ghz, after fitting the processor and board in properly and connecting everything back up including graphics and sound card, dvd writer and my 2 hdd's i booted it up and i get the fans running and a few small hdd sounds yet my monitor switches off and the system wont boot, i can't even get into bios.

can anyone help

the jumper for the bios is set to normal and noe clr

  kane2007uk 20:28 06 Feb 2007

also i have 1 512 ddr stick in and 1 126 ddr stick

  Technotiger 20:36 06 Feb 2007

Hi, try it again with just the one 512 stick in.

  Gongoozler 20:36 06 Feb 2007

First try removing the CMOS battery for about 30 minutes or so, this should ensure that the CMOS is thoroughly reset.
If that doesn't help, disconnect EVERYTHING from the motherboard except the power connector, the processor with heatsink the case speaker and the power switch. Also unscrew the motherboard from the case and rest it on an insulating surface such as a sheet of card. When you switch on, you should then get a POST error beep because of the absence of memory or graphics. If you don't, then you have a faulty motherboard, power supply or processor. You can only tell which by substitution.

  kane2007uk 21:47 06 Feb 2007

ok it booted into bios with just the 512 stick in, and now it won't detect the hdd's...after taking both drives out the system still boots but only to the first screen for a couple of seconds then shuts down completely, also re-added both hdd's and it still just shuts down after initially booting not giving me time to enter bios.

  ed-0 21:54 06 Feb 2007

" after fitting the processor and board in properly "

Is this a new cpu? did you use the thermal pad supplied, if so, did you remove the plastic cover.

if no thermal pad, did you use thermal paste on the cpu?

  kane2007uk 21:57 06 Feb 2007

yeah it was a new cpu, and i applied thermal paste to it first

  ed-0 22:01 06 Feb 2007

have you got the reset pins connected on the motherboard? if you have, take them off. It maybe that the permanent reset switch is on the "on " position.

Worth trying.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:02 06 Feb 2007

boots but only to the first screen for a couple of seconds then shuts down completely

definately sounds like a cpu overheat problem.

fans running ok?

remove heat sink, clean off paste from cpu and heat sink, apply a thin smear and reassemble.

  kane2007uk 22:09 06 Feb 2007

fans running fine, and the cpu hasn't been in a day yet, so i can't see it overheating...and no the only pin in is the power one

  Technotiger 22:12 06 Feb 2007

Hold down Del and keep it held down then try reboot.

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