p4 temp?

  Tk_RiceZ 00:57 15 Jul 2003

can anyone help me out by telling me what their p4 cpu temp is at during normal operation????????.

mines 57-61 degree.....

i have 43c at the moment but still cooling after a gaming session, you are running hot but not too hot, you need to sort out some more efficient cooling, more case fans or a better heatsink.

download the P4 datasheet from the intel website to learn the thermal parameters of your specific chip.

  Tk_RiceZ 02:00 15 Jul 2003

nope, i have 4 fans and a heatsink that came with the boxed processor so i should be alright, now it's running at 54, is it that once it starts running properly (after loaded everything from my screen name) that is functions properly????????

  Pauper 07:58 15 Jul 2003

I've got a 1.6 running at 40 - 42deg consistently, with a 28deg system temp - at the minute anyway. Make sure your software is up to date as an older bios/monitor program on my mobo used to push temps up by 30deg which a thermometer verified as incorrect.

  Terrahawk 08:04 15 Jul 2003

p4 1.8 39 degrees

  Tk_RiceZ 13:37 15 Jul 2003

sorry wasn't being specific enough, anyone out there with a p4 2.8 GhZ or above be kind enough to give me their temp???? or a 3.06 one which i am currently running with it clocked

  akzah 14:14 15 Jul 2003

That seems fine, my brothers P4 2.66 is usually around 50-55 when playing games, On days like these when its very hot then it does vary by a few degrees.


  Big Elf 14:21 15 Jul 2003

Pentium 2.53 running at 51 with low load, 55-58 at high load. Case temp 40 and HDs at 30.

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