P4 identity

  stevedunham 12:53 23 Apr 2005

my son's pc has come to that point in it's life that it needs an upgrade to play his newer games.
he has a 1.8ghz P4 but i don't know what model. Is there software that can help ID this chip? probably in a socket form that Intel don't use any more knowing my luck

Fujitsu main board
512 mb sdram
64mb graphics

  VoG II 12:58 23 Apr 2005
  alan227 13:00 23 Apr 2005

go to this URL and download this program it will tell you about all the components in your computer.

click here

  SANTOS7 13:01 23 Apr 2005
  alan227 13:01 23 Apr 2005

Vog you are to quick for me.

  SANTOS7 13:02 23 Apr 2005

quite popular then!!

  stevedunham 23:24 24 Apr 2005

thanks for the link, this is what I found.
Fujitsu Seimens D1325 mainboard using Intel brookdale i845 chipset.
Pheonix tecnology bios.
575mb pc133mhz SDRAM
socket 478, Pentium 4 1700mhz P68 Willamette A805 28 cpu

All I need now is to try and work out what chips will fit this board, are they still in production or buy 2nd hand or is it new board, cpu etc.

I would like to just change the cpu as I have just splashed out on a new machine for my self and I don't think the other half would appreciate much more in pc bills

  stevedunham 23:37 24 Apr 2005

forgot to add
400mhz FSB

  TomJerry 00:05 25 Apr 2005

for that board, very little chance to get a faster CPU to make much difference

you may need to upgrade motherboard, CPU and memory all together if you want to make him a happy boy. His memory is also slow.

Actaully, it may be better to get a faster graphics card if the game performance is what you after

ATI 9800 pro is a very good value for money game card

Sapphire RADEON 9800 Atlantis Pro Graphics Card with ATI Fan Cooler - AGP 8x - 128 MB DDR - VGA / TVO / DVI-I £104.29 click here

If you want to down CPU, motherboard and meory route.

Sempron 2800 / 256Mb DDR / Motherboard Kit £112.74 click here

  DieSse 00:27 25 Apr 2005

The P4 Williamette was the original P4 version and uses socket 423. The fastest produced was 2GHz. Later, faster versions use different sockets.

So basically you're already near the best your system can go.

The only way to get faster will be a new motherboard and processor, with new RAM (DDR - which is the standard now).

  dan11 00:31 25 Apr 2005

cpu's supported on your board. click here

ram click here

Agree with TomJerry, it would be better with an AMD upgrade. Only problem is the old sdram.:-(

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