p4 3gig

  madPentium 00:22 12 Sep 2003

my cpu fan is thermally controlled and when it really winds up the noise drives me nuts. I have looked at cpu fans on the internet but can only seem to find quieter ones for amd processors. Does anyone know of a nice quiet good performance fan that fits a p4 3gig?

many thanks

  mark500 00:29 12 Sep 2003
  Djohn 00:40 12 Sep 2003

click here and scroll down to the Globalwin TAC68. it's a twin fan, very easy to fit and very quiet. I use the same model, and confirm it's whisper quiet. j.

  Djohn 00:42 12 Sep 2003

It only supports up to P3 ;o(

  minter 09:24 12 Sep 2003

Try click here they supply for P4

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