P4 3.06 GhZ, 533 mb bus or 800 mb bus

  Tk_RiceZ 14:35 27 Jun 2003

what would be the main advantages of me getting the p4 with the 800mb bus instead of the 533 mb bus? keeping in mind that i just use my computer for serving the internet and playing games? can anyone help me on this one?

  DieSse 14:41 27 Jun 2003

It's faster.

you would have a major increase in speed as DieSse says but your needs would hardly justify the expense, but buying the best you can afford will take you further into the future so why not. why stop at the 3.06 if you have that kind of money why not put in the new 3.2.

  rickf 20:34 27 Jun 2003

If you are going or the 3.06 you might as well go for the 800. Its certainly much much faster.

  froggg 22:56 27 Jun 2003

all new pentiums (as of now)include hyperthreading and 800fsb-get a 2.4 p4 a lot cheaper-then o/c till it smokes!!!

  Despicable Desperado 01:08 28 Jun 2003

Remember to get the best out of the 800fsb you also have to buy PC3200 (in pairs).

  powerless 01:13 28 Jun 2003

The pentium 5 is due next year, cant you wait?

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