p4 2.6 GhZ - too slow for modern games ?

  Arriach 15:00 04 Sep 2006

I have a fairly fast AGP graphic card, (256mb) but games like Zoo Tycoon 2 keep crashing. Is my CPU too slow - (P4 2.6 GhZ) or my graphic card ?.
I´d be grateful for some info´.

  Jimmy14 15:18 04 Sep 2006

I think that games like Zoo Tycoon should be fine on a pentium 4 2.6. When running games like this do you keep alot of programs running in the background? Have you made sure your computer is clean from viruses and spyware. Do you use any cleanout programs like CCleaner? How much ram has your computer got also?

  Arriach 15:26 04 Sep 2006

Thanks for your reply Jimmy,
I´ve got 1024 mb of ram, which I think is enough. I´ve got a virus and a spyware scanner running in the background which probably slows things down a bit, but my system is clean, I´m sure of that. My monitor is a 20 inch tft which maybe needs more than my cpu or graphic card can support easily ?
I also have Tuneup Utilities installed and running.

  Jimmy14 16:02 04 Sep 2006

What resolution are you playing zoo tycoon on and other games. It could be too high and on the games are you putting them up to the highest display settings. Out of interest what graphics card do you have in your computer?

  ACOLYTE 16:12 04 Sep 2006

Your pc should be fast enough to run most games including Zoo tycoon 2,i would look at the tune up apps you have,if you are running XP you don't really need any tune up apps installed XP is quite efficient at managing everything.

  Arriach 16:17 04 Sep 2006

The resolution is set on medium and the card is a Radeon 9600xt with 256 mb ddr2 ram.
A more powerful(agp)graphic card would probably fix this problem, but I´m wondering if I should splash out on an agp card or if the time has arrived when I should upgrade to a pci system, which would obviously be far more expensive ?.

  citadel 19:14 04 Sep 2006

all you need is a better card.

  Arriach 20:05 04 Sep 2006

So if I installed an AGP Geforce 7800GS with 512MB DDR3RAM it WOULD make a difference , even with a 2.6 GhZ CPU ?

  polish 20:19 04 Sep 2006

your computer seems more than good enough to play zoo tycoon if you look at the game specs on the box.
have you got the latest direct x from microsoft or tried the latest patches for the game or tried a reinstall

  Arriach 20:49 04 Sep 2006

Patches ? - you could be right about that, I hadn´t even thought about bugs in the programme, thanks Polish !
Apart from Zoo Tycoon 2 for my kids, I am looking forward to playing the follow on to Far Cry, Crysis, which is to be released early next year. Although the guy in the computer shop tells me that there´s hardly any difference between a P4 2.6 and a P4 3.2 if you´ve got a decent graphic card, every article in computer magazines say that any CPU under Conroe belongs in the stoneage. Am I just being influenced by marketing propaganda or will my trusty old P4 2.6 Ghz paired with a fast AGP graphic card be enough to repel the aliens ?

  wky 21:24 04 Sep 2006

try installing latest drivers for your graphics card.

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