P4 2000Mhz Versus Athlon XP 2200 = 1.8

  Bazra 21:17 30 Mar 2003

P4 2000Mhz V Athlon 2200 = 1.8

The Pentium is more expensive but which is best?

P4 2000Mhz?

Athlon XP 2200 = 1.8?

You decide and please tell me why.


  powerless 21:20 30 Mar 2003

Best for what?

I doubt that you would even notice a difference.

  EggandPeas 21:24 30 Mar 2003

The P4s are good for certain types of applications, while the XP is better at others.

It all depends what you're going to be doing with your computer.

You should check some reviews off tomshardware or somewhere.

  vaughan007 09:27 31 Mar 2003

For 3D gaming the P4 is better.

For other things I dont think you would see any difference.

  SMB Systems 11:25 31 Mar 2003

I think XP 1800+, benchmarks show it to be a faster processor overall, and it is cheaper, however the difference in everyday use is negliable, I disagree with vaughan007 on the 3d gaming though although a fast cpu helps, I think it is more important for 3d gaming to have a decent graphics card as they do most of the 3d work now instead of the main cpu.

  vaughan007 12:34 31 Mar 2003

You are right. The AGP does do most of the work.

But a faster processor helps out too and some processors are better than others. It really depends upon the "mechanics" of the processing chip.

It can be a bit of a short sighted view to think that one component is responsible for all your performance.

For gamers (especially on-line gamers), an all round good system is essential so that the "work" required to run games is "shared" between your resources.

To get the best out of your games a good processor, a good AGP card and lots of memory are essential.

Otherwise, for 3d on-line games in particular which are very power hungry, you can get a bottle neck in your system (be it AGP, processor or memory) which slows everything down.

To come back to the point though, all things being equal, I dont think you would notice much difference between these two processors.

  Paranoid Android 12:59 31 Mar 2003

The Athlon XP2200+ is a particularly good CPU. The Athlon is faster but runs hotter, the P4 will be better for floating point (eg big spreadsheest) but not much else.

In terms of bang for your buck, the Athlon is a clear winner. In terms of brute force, only a benchmark utility will tell the two apart.

Ultimately the deciding factor may be the type of motherboard and memory you want to use.


  Bazra 12:59 31 Mar 2003

Thank you all very much for your input!

I use programs like Corel Draw, Word, Photo Paint, Encarta and downloading music.

I also use a program called Echolink for Amateur Radio operators that
lets me talk to others world wide over the web in real time.

I will be using Windows XP Home and 511 MB DDR of memory and 128Mb GeForce 4 440 DDR+ TV card. Is this enough for the task?

PS I am a right dummy in the area of specifications of computers.

Thanks once again.


  Bazra 13:05 31 Mar 2003


Sound Card: Creative Labs 128. Motherboard Gigabyte GA-7DX.


  vaughan007 13:12 31 Mar 2003

For the applications you have just stated.

You wont notice one bit of difference between the two.

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