P2P A word of advice

  Jak_1 22:10 25 Feb 2005

With P2P all is not always as it seems, as I have found out. There are some deranged peeps out there who have files in their shared folder that are not what they say they are as I have found out.

I thought I was replacing one of my vinyl albums but got a shock when I opened up the file. It was the worst kind of porn and made me feel sick. I think you can get the gist of what it was!

It was a good job I opened it as soon as it had downloaded as my nephews play music on this pc when they are visiting. I was able to delete the file with BCWipe using the 7 pass method. After that no one was going to recover the file.

There are some sick people out there so be careful.

  octal 22:17 25 Feb 2005

I think you've just found out what a lot of people on this site already know, just sorry you found out this way about the down side of P2P.

Its good that you've mentioned it for the newer members.

  Jak_1 22:25 25 Feb 2005

Fortunately non of the nephews got to see it. I found BCWipe on an old PC Advisor cover disk.

  Happy Soul 22:47 25 Feb 2005

When you've downloaded about 10% go to My Music and double click the necessary icon which will open Media Player and you can check you're getting what you want.

  Jak_1 01:42 26 Feb 2005

That I will do from now on, thanks.

Though I have used P2P for some time, this is the first time I have encountered this problem.

  dogbreath1 10:10 26 Feb 2005

p2p is a problem in this respect and I am sorry to here of your bad experience Jak_1. Another problem that I have encountered usually occurs when I've set my p.c. to download a batch of songs overnight. Occasionally, on opening one of these, it starts with music and may play for a minute or so. Then you are confronted by silence which seems to go on for ever. Looking at the file size will probably reveal one of anything up to 1.5GB!!! O.k. so you can just delete it but it is a pain. I've configured Limewire to save music to My Downloads where I check through each file before moving each one I want to keep to My Music. Also in Limewire, you can click on a part downloaded song using the Launch function to preview the file so far. There are some pretty sick people frequenting the p2p world but then the same goes for all walks of life.

use a program called avi preview if its a video file it will open a acoulpe of mins from the start so you can tell what it is

plus take some time to look at the file you are about to download if it says mp3 wma as the file extention even if you do have a video file most media player will get confused

just a few tips ive leant over time

or for the safeist way


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