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  Godfather2004 17:21 07 Jan 2004

Me and my friend stopped file sharing about 6 months back after i read a article about getting fined etc. and i told him about it. Now all this stuff has come from USA about getting fined proper - in region of 80 grand. I stopped long ago but can they still fine me????

A very very confused Jay

  johnnyrocker 17:53 07 Jan 2004

i doubt it because you are not infringing riaa rules if you are not sharing, they normally inform your isp first who has to then warn you then if you ignore the warning your isp will close your account as they are required to in order to avoid prosecution themselves


  LastChip 18:00 07 Jan 2004

I suspect the vast majority of people have been guilty at some point or another, of downloading material that's perhaps of dubious origin!

The fines you have read about, have in the main been targeted at individuals that have effectively been running servers dedicated to P2P, and the transfers run into many thousands.

There was a well publicised case of a little girl's family being prosecuted in the USA, but the backlash that resulted and very poor publicity that the recording industry suffered as a result of this case, has led them to re-think who in future they may target.

I suspect that the majority if us who are NOT "serial thieves" have little to worry about, providing we now take the very strong hint, and refrain from any further misguided deeds.

After all, can they take to court just about everyone who owns a computer. The logistics whould be astonishing!

  Forum Editor 18:04 07 Jan 2004

you're not going to be fined, but many Americans haven't been so lucky.

Statistics just released show that there's been a huge decrease in P2P music downloads since the Music companies began taking legal action against persistent downloaders.

  Godfather2004 18:29 07 Jan 2004

But the thing i find a bit worrying is that nearly all my friends and collegues download. They have asked me to put forward a question, what can happen to them in the UK?

Thanks to evryone hat has posted!

  plsndrs3 19:10 07 Jan 2004

Nor am I being holier than thou.

However, the fact remains that downloading copyrighted material by any method is illegal. The RIAA struggled for some time on what to do and, I believe, prosecution was only to be used as a threat to curb downloads and that they were initially looking at people who downloaded huge files with the assumption that these were most likely to be re-sellers. Unfortunately [for them] the much-publicised case of the prosecution was bought about as they believed that the girl's details were being used by others to cover their tracks. They could never prove this, so mistakenly believed that prosecuting this individual would make those in the background come forward. This never happened and the RIAA were left with serious egg on their face.

The UK equivalent [steered by FACT] watched with interest, but believed that prosecution of individuals was not the way forward as they foresaw exactly what happened in the States. However, they are also aware of the huge decrease in downloads that resulted as a direct result of the RIAAs actions and are keeping all options open.

There are many ideas in the pipeline. The use of 'bomb' files which, when downloaded, result in the file becomming useless is being used. The action of impregnating PCs with various virus' was considered and rejected as they could be held responsible for any damage to individual PCs - particularly as 67% of all home PCs have more than one user. Files are deliberately renamed on PCs linked to P2P networks resulting in wasted downloads. There are some other things also being considered [it would be wrong for me to say anything about these] but legal action remains open to them.

All I would say is that I personally believe that it is not worth the risk of potential prosecution, wasting time on useless file downloads, the high chance of getting a virus or Trojan on your PC, web address hijackers, spyware or the other myriad of problems that P2P has. Why not subscribe and avoid all this?



  bremner 20:48 07 Jan 2004

Amen :)))

  Godfather2004 15:57 08 Jan 2004

Thanks, so in the UK, can thy prosecute a person for downloading yet or is that just in the usa yet?

  bremner 16:16 08 Jan 2004

RIAA no.

FACT yes they can but they haven't done so yet.

  wawadave 16:29 08 Jan 2004

law suit's aghast the uk people is coming as soon as the eu finishes passing the patent laws and agreements. to make a better case for the riaa middle man monopoly!

  wawadave 16:33 08 Jan 2004

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