p2p and proxy ?

  fymlor 20:03 29 Dec 2005


Im trying to use the warez client p2p app though a socks proxy, but I am not sure its working correctly. I give it a known working socks4 proxy to use (on my network, no need to go through firewall), and block access to the warez client through the firewall, yet every time I start the application the firewall asks if Warez is allowed to access the internet.

Whether I allow or disallow internet access (windows firewall is rubbish), using tcpview.exe (from sysinternals.com I think) I can see that warez.exe is making direct connections to the internet.

Can anyone confirm this is happening?
Is there a way to prevent this from happening? If the warez client is only performing its searching using the direct internet connection thats fine, as long as any file downloads and uploads are only ever done through the proxy.

Any ideas?

Does anyone know of any p2p app that CAN be configured to use a proxy properly? I have tried a few others, but they just fail to work though a socks4 proxy. It does not matter that my download speed is slow, because I can just set it to download many files at the same time, and it will be running permanently anyway.


  dogbreath1 20:44 29 Dec 2005

You've probably picked the least helpful place for p2p problems. No offence meant to the good folk on here but as I type this reply, there'll be one or two guys already preparing a spell to make my toe nails fall out! :-))

Try click here and various forums click here=

It's a sensitive issue on this board evidenced by the limited response.

Good luck.

Cheers. db.

  Carbonara 21:00 29 Dec 2005

Not at all a sensitive issue warez with a "z" are simply non legal apps.

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