P2P Limewire

  blazingbadger 16:46 08 Feb 2009

I currently use Limewire and touch wood have had no nasties. However one thing puzzles me when I check to see The percentage meter. will say be 30%. Then then i come out of it and log back in some time it has gone up say 5% or it has lost 1% cany any body tell me why this happens.

  sharpamat 19:34 08 Feb 2009

Limewire like other P 2 P will not get much is any support on the forums because of the potential its used for illegal downloads

  Strawballs 19:51 08 Feb 2009

Had no nasties it will be only a matter of time

  AL47 20:06 08 Feb 2009

u have too know what ur doing when using limewire, make sure security is uptodate especially

  ACOLYTE 02:07 09 Feb 2009

Maybe because P2P programs download in blocks of a certain size and the percentage will change depending on how much of each block it has downloaded.Also as with most P2P programs some of the stuff it downloads will be waste/corrupted and these are added in the block and will not show as waste untill that block has finished downloading,then it will try to download that part again resulting in the % going up and down all the time.Just my way of looking at it anyway lol.

  blazingbadger 19:15 09 Feb 2009

AL47 My security is top notch
Strawballs There is one thing if it is a nasty it downloads in seconds and AVAST catches it streight away.

I have down loaded ABBA complete discography and not a sniff of nasty. Like wise Glen Miller John Williamson and Bob Dylan. These combined have taken a lot of hours so the way I look at it the Longer it take the less chance there is of Nasties.
ACOLYTE Thank you for the explanation

  MAT ALAN 19:49 09 Feb 2009

these combined have taken a lot of hours so the way I look at it the Longer it take the less chance there is of Nasties.

Gives the record companies more time to track down users with wooden legs and parrots on their shoulders...

  skidzy 20:13 09 Feb 2009

You certainly have a way with your words...but spot on mate :-)) ......i can say this though;

Even Dick Turpin wore a mask !!!

Got the hint yet blazingbadger ?

  MAT ALAN 20:35 09 Feb 2009

Skidz me old LOACH snogger, hows ya WET PETS!!!

  Big L 266 20:36 09 Feb 2009

Hello BB.Whilst I can't help you with your enquiry,I can tell you a sad tale of my own personal stupidity when I first bought my computer four years ago. Coming to computing late in life as I had,I hadn't a clue about Limewire or P2P or anything else about downloading illegal (or even legal) file-sharing or what it even meant.

I had no idea I'd be installing software onto my computer whereby everyone else on Limewire could access my computer.I'd downloaded some tunes but one of them wasn't a tune.It was a file full of every conceivable nasty bug you could imagine. It opened up,and my hard-drive was made unusable and which had to be replaced such was the damage this full full of muck had.

I lost many cd music files I'd copied from my own cd collection amounting to then some 30,000 tracks taking over three months to 'rip'.They simply deleted themselves from the computer in their hundreds.My security software didn't resolve the problems,and I had to spend a fortune to get it sorted out. Not having a computer for nearly 5 days was a disaster. Not having any personal working knowledge was even more of a disaster.I then had to spend a further three months 'ripping' my entire cd collection from scratch. To say I was annoyed at my own sheer stupidity and foolishness is a true understatement.

I learned,quickly,that supposedly 'free' P2P file-sharing wasn't as 'free' as I thought.It taught me a lesson I've never forgotten and I've not touched any P2P scheme no matter what the temptation.It is only a matter of time before you will download something similar. Then,and only then,you may perhaps realise that all that glitters really doesn't turn to gold in the 'free' world of cyberspace. Oh,and of course,it's illegal to copy music anyway.

Needless to say,I don't support P2P any longer.

  AL47 20:44 09 Feb 2009

i have used limewire in past, alot, never got anything bad,
without it i would never have discovered my fav band/group

but now last fm is what i use

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