P C World printer rip off !

  spud 20:17 28 Apr 2003

I went to my local pc world store for ink cartridges for my epson c70 printer.Black £29.99 plus 3 colours £11.99 each making a grand total of £65.96.On sale in the store was an epson c62 complete with ink for £69.99.Seems to me you may as well throw the printer away for an extra 4 quid.

  mikef™ 20:22 28 Apr 2003

You can't blame PCWorld for this it is well known that printer manufacturers make there money on cartridges not on the actual printers,this is a topic that has been discussed often on this site and is the subject of an inquiry by by the authorities at the moment.

  Pesala 20:33 28 Apr 2003

I use Jettec compatibles from Westlakes click here for my Epson C80 and am quite happy with them.

Even cheaper ones are available from other suppliers. If you search this site you will find lots of opinions and advice on the pros and cons of using compatibles.

I don't have a problem with what the printer companies are doing. It is no worse than people selling kid's toys, when what they are really making money on is batteries. Let the buyer beware. If you pay a bit more for the initial printer you can usually reduce running costs substantially. If you only print occasionally then the C62 is fantastic value for money. I can remember paying over £1000 for an Epson GQ3500 laser printer and about £250 for an NEC 24-pin dot-matrix printer.

For my Epson EPL laser printer I buy refill bottles of toner for about £10 instead of original toner cartridges for about £70, so one cartridge plus one refill = £80 for two instead of £140.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:34 28 Apr 2003
  A Cat Called George 20:36 28 Apr 2003

I can only suggest you do as I recently did. Go to one of the online consumable retailers based in the Channel Islands. click here have proved in my experience to be both cheap and efficient.

  Offline 20:38 28 Apr 2003

Gillette have been using that system for years, they almost give you the razor & charge you for the blades.

  Belatucadrus 20:40 28 Apr 2003

Some manufacturers also send new printers out with " Light use " cartridges for those that don't print as much. Translation cartridge only half full. Worth checking as it makes a difference.

  Totally-braindead 20:45 28 Apr 2003

Got to add my tuppence worth, a friend of mine got a good deal on printers, can't remember what make but they were cheap. Anyway it cost him £10 less to buy the printer with the cartridges than it did to buy the cartridges alone, so hes ended up with 5 printers. Ridiculous isn't it.

  pj123 20:46 28 Apr 2003

Buy your ink cartridges from here: click here

  pj123 20:54 28 Apr 2003

Sounds like Lexmark to me. A lexmark printer with ink will cost you £30. Two new original ink cartridges 1 black and 1 colour will cost £50.

  daffy2 20:59 28 Apr 2003

hey there, try buying your inks with euros......

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