For owners of their own domains - Who is the best?

  Garawa 16:03 20 Sep 2010

I am looking to purchase an email (domain?) from a hosting company but the ones I have contacted never reply! I wish to have our own one (I will call it a domain but not sure if that just refers to a website - at this stage just want it for email addresses) with a few email addresses from it - I DO NOT WANT A FREE EMAIL ADDRESS. I honestly know very little about it, but I want the flexibility of moving ISPs whenever I like but still retaining a fully functional and secure email address.

My main criteria is longevity, no point if the company goes belly up after a few months. They must use the standard POP3 account and possibly read via web whilst away. And also I want a UK company with a UK phone number to call in case I have any problems.

If anyone on here purchases their own domain, who do they use and how much do they typically charge (its normally around a few quid a year I think). Who is typically the best or most popular?

  Woolwell 16:32 20 Sep 2010

I use 1&1 click here;jsessionid=B2A35E990F90C80B27C83408C48DA570.TCpfix154b?__reuse=1284996668974

  Miké 19:08 20 Sep 2010

click here been with them for about 11 months, no glitches so far.

  Ashrich 22:03 20 Sep 2010

I use and recommend to friends Easily , not the cheapest but wholly reliable and have used them for about 6 years .click here . I must add that I have no links to the company other than I am a long time user .


  bobbybowls 22:36 20 Sep 2010

i will add a vote for 1&1. i have several sites with them and never had a problem.

  Forum Editor 00:06 21 Sep 2010

which will register a domain name for you, and host it in a basic hosting package that includes a POP mailbox and webmail access.

The initial and annual cost will be negligible.

My own preference, based on several years experience is Heart Internet, but there are plenty of other companies.

  Taff™ 01:28 21 Sep 2010

Another vote for Heart Internet. Recommended by many on the Web Forum I started dealing with them as a reseller and now host friends e-mail mailboxes for them through my account. As Forum Editor states the cost is negligible in the overall scheme of things and they have a very good British Based support system.

A domain name ( will cost you less than £5 a year. Their cheapest web hosting including unlimited mailboxes is less than £3 a month (£2.49 + VAT) Now divide that by the number of e-mail addresses you want which must all be something

  Garawa 19:48 21 Sep 2010

Thanks for the replies. It seems I might not be able to use this service anyway as I would need SMTP authentication in order to be able to send emails - something most ISPs block apparently. Just waiting on Tiscali/Talk Talk to reply to state if they allow it. Why do I think they won't reply?

  mgmcc 20:51 21 Sep 2010

I think you've been misinformed with regard to SMTP Authentication.

The general rule is that you must send mail using the SMTP server of the ISP with which you're connected to the internet. The email address used in your outgoing messages is immaterial, as is the POP3 or IMAP server from which you retrieve mail.

If your ISP's SMTP server does support SMTP Authentication, this means that you log in to send mail similarly to how you log in to retrieve mail. You can then use their server regardless of the connection to the internet.

I don't understand your reference to most ISPs blocking SMTP Authentication.

  Taff™ 09:07 22 Sep 2010

You may be confusing this issue with the fact that BT and Sky require you to authenticate ownership of your domain before they will allow you to send e-mails from anything other than a BT or Sky e-mail address.

It`s to reduce the possibility of people using them for spamming and is a fairly straight forward procedure.

In any event you can use Heart`s SMTP server for your domain I believe.

  Garawa 14:26 22 Sep 2010

I'm not sure to be honest. Its an option at the bottom when I go to select the package (for an extra £1.49 a month). When clicking the "i" button, it states that some ISPs don't allow it and that they block port 25, only allowing them to be the sender of the mail and therefore I should check with my ISP (still waiting). It is important for me to be able to use Outlook Express to send and receive both Tiscali mail and the new domain hosting mail (I am assuming I just add the new POP3 etc details under the new identity option?). If the ISP is the only one that can send mail it is pointless - the plan being to gradually intercept all ISP mail as it arrives and swop to the new address. I have had the same ISP and email address for so many years there is a lot of it and it is spammed to the hilt! When all main mail has been transfered, I can them swop about ISPs as often as I like.

I thought this would be simple but I am more confused than ever! I know what I want but don't know if any of it is actually possible so any help anyone can provide would be greatfully received. I do have a screenshot of that port 25 blocking message but I don't know how I can attach it.

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