Overheating Problems

  FCD 13:43 17 Apr 2004

I have a Jetway 867 mobo running an AMD 2000 with 512 SDRAM and a TI 4400 AGP card. Recently, when running fairly intensive games, the system has regularly frozen starting with the graphics and then including mouse and keyboard. Initially I had to reboot but I found that if I removed the side panel the system would recover after 4 or 5 minutes.

I also found that the mobo area between the AGP slot, CPU and Ram was very hot - the Ram was hot to touch also the AGP slot, the VIA chip heatsink, CPU housing and mobo itself were all very hot.

I have tried a new PSU with no change. Unfortunately, the mobo does not support any temperature readouts; hence, programmes such as SANDRA do not help - at present I can think of no way of isolating the faulty component without changing each one in turn. I haven't the spares so would be v grateful for any ideas on any other way of isolating the fault.

  HOT BOT 14:21 17 Apr 2004
  FCD 22:59 17 Apr 2004

Many thanks but unfortunately this programme does not support my mobo - the mobo itself provides no temperature or fan speed sensing.

I guess I will have to look at replacing components one by one.

Fortunately, the system still runs - if with problems.

You fit in some case fan's?

Just that you have a general over heating problem.

You may need to improve air flow - IE cold air in the case (Via bottom), hot air out through the top.

  ThePharcyde007 23:20 17 Apr 2004

buy a Coolermaster Aerogate master II which comes with 4 fan controllers, and 4 temperature probes CPU/VGA/CASE/Hard Drive and see if they are running high. I purchase 4 80mm fans and the whole machine runs 5'c cooler 2 instakes, and 2xexhaust.

  Sion 00:12 18 Apr 2004

My advice, Get a nice cooler, one with at least an 80mm fan on top of it. click here I own this one myself, keeps my AMD2700xp at 44-51 depending on load and aldo room temperature.

As well as this, make sure your motherboard has space at back of case for a 80mm fan, and just get yourself a basic coolermaster 80mm fan or something. click here for one. You may not need LED fans in your case if you dont have a window, but these fans are pretty cheap, and they run nice and quiet.

An immediate solution thought may be to clean your inside your PC. dust is the PC's worst enemy (that and water....dont wash your motherboard please!!) just blow away any dust that may be lying around in ya machine, make sure the fan on your CPU heatsink is not clogged up with gunk. I use cotton buds myself to clean my motherboard. Don't apply too much pressure though, and make sure you dont leave fluff on the computer components. Hope this helps ya.

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