Overheating Pc

  jamesianwheeler 19:16 28 Jul 2007

In side My Pc:
3.2ghz celeron d 775 processor
foxconn 865G7MF Micro Atx motherboard
Winfast a400 ultra 256mb agp 8x graphics (nvidia 6800)
40gb ide drive
768mb ram
600w psu

Ok then, heres the problem, i fitted the above into a chenbro hornet case and did a clean xp install. Loaded al the drivers and installed a few games (quake 4, UT2004, Test Drive Unlimited)
Everything works fine, no problems at all unless you play any of the games for about 1/2 an hour. After 1/2 an hour of playing, the pc gets so hot that it shuts down and wont switch back on till the cpu (i think) cools down to a reasonable temp.

The case gets very hot, i cant see the cpu temp while playing, but i have a thermometer on the gpu and its running at about 77 degrees c.
Im using the cpu cooler that came with the mobo, its the familiar round shaped pentium cooler with the 4 pin connector.

i have already repalced the fan on the gpu with a larger thermaltake one and its working fine, do you suggest upgrading the cpu fan to a better one, andif so, which one, bearing in mind that my case only accomodates a standard size expansion cards so there isnt much room. (the graphincs card is actually pushing against the lid)

i hope somebody can make sense of this and provide me with a cheap solution. nothing is worse than your game dieing on you when you are in the middle of a battle. Thanks in advance, JIW

  citadel 19:26 28 Jul 2007

I would move everything into a large case that has a fan at the front and one at the back.

  jamesianwheeler 19:34 28 Jul 2007

thanks for the response citadel! originally, i had a large pc case but moved to a smaller one so it could fit under my keyboard in my music room. is there no way to increase the airflow in my case? i have no cd dive installed so maybe i should fit a fan. I could also modifly the case lid by cutting the side panel off and replacing it with mesh but im worried about having parts exposed. The air inside the case isnt that hot according to my very accurate thermometer, thats why i assume the problem is just with the noisy intel cpu fan. is it worth buying one of those sythe mine coolers or some other £50 ish 775 cooler? or can i get a water cooled system which looks after both my 775 cpu and 6800 graphics card?? kind regards, JIW

  citadel 19:52 28 Jul 2007

arctic cooling freezer 7 pro is cheap and very good. check size to see if it will fit.

  Totally-braindead 20:07 28 Jul 2007

How small is the case, most come with a space to fit a fan at the rear and if so fit one sucking the warm air out. I would also be tempted to remove the cpu, clean off and renew the thernal paste in case theres a hot spot developed.

  jamesianwheeler 20:46 28 Jul 2007

Again, thanks for the replies :) Freezer 7 pro sounds a great idea!
as for thermal paste, it already came with thermal paste applied, i had to remove the plastic cover first. I have got some akasa silver based high spec paste, will that make much difference?
There is a lot of free space, as i removed the caddy for the optical drive and second hard drive. There is a tiny 60/80 mm fan at the rear blowing out the warm air. I know maplin do a fan thant fits in your cd drive bay for about £10.
I only got the board and cpu brand new yesterday, cant believe how hot it gets. Ill try it with out the lid on and see what happens. Thanks for the advice! JIW

  Totally-braindead 11:50 29 Jul 2007

Running a PC without the case sides on can make it run hotter - be warned. I know this might not appear at first glance to make sense but its all about airflow, cases are designed so cool air flows over the components warming up and the warm air is dispelled etc etc. If you disrupt the airflow by removing the case sides it can get hotter.

Check the fans are working the correct way, especially the rear one, make sure it is blowing the air out if its sucking cooler air in and theres no expel fan it would run hotter.

  jamesianwheeler 12:10 29 Jul 2007

let me explain my case a bit. First of all, its a small version of a standard tower case. There is room for a micro atx board, 2 hdd's an optical drive and includes a small 270w psu.
Heres the mods:
The case is upside down, so the graphics card is at the top. Reason for this is that the fan does not like working in any other direction.
This also means the psu is at the bottom of the case.
As for the psu, i had to do some major work on it. Im a electronics tech so i know whats safe. I removed the 270w psu because the mobo and graphics card need a higher supply. I got a 600w psu and removed the 120mm fan and casing. I then made a mesh cover and made a back plate. So i think the heat problem is down to the psu.
It starts off at 20 degrees then gets up to about 75 degrees even though i have a smaller, but more powerful fan on it. I think that because it is at the bottom of the case, there is nowhere for the hot air to go.

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