Overheating Laptop

  Apper 02:22 02 May 2003

How do you keep a laptop from overheating.

  moore_mat 10:34 02 May 2003

Keep it turned off!!! ;-)

No seriously, Laptops are notoriously bad when it comes to overheating. If you think that you've basically got a desktop computer (that quite often has alot of case space around it) crammed into a little laptop case, it's a wonder they don't catch light!

You will find lots of stories about laptops burning peoples legs when they sit with it on their lap and all sorts, but there is very little you can do.

I'd suggest having a look at any vents around the side of the computer - there may be a build up of dust there (the enemy of good cooling) try getting a vaccum on it and seeing if that'll do anything. Beyond that, if it's an older laptop, it might be worth taking it to a computer specialist (little town shop, not the likes of PC World) who can pull it apart and give all the fans, etc a good clean up. This can quite drastically improve the efficiency of the cooling.

If it were a desktop computer, then you'd get loads of comments about buying a new case, or bigger fans, but you just can't do that with a laptop!

Hope this is of some help to you!

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  vinnyT 11:34 02 May 2003

I use a couple of strips of wood to rest the laptop on when using at a desk, this ensures that there is an airflow all round the laptop and helps to a certain extent.

  Apper 13:06 02 May 2003

Thanks to you both.

You have been very helpfull.

  fitshase 13:56 02 May 2003

You could try this:-

click here

It's powered by the USB port and is not badly priced at £22.33



  Apper 15:43 02 May 2003


This is exactly what I need, Thankyou very much indeed.


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