Overheating Laptop

  segdef 09:59 20 Jul 2010

All of a sudden my Acer 5920 laptop has started running very hot. The fan also comes on as soon as I have booted up. Any thoughts on why this is happening please? I'm running Vista SP2.

  Clapton is God 10:04 20 Jul 2010

It could be the hot weather.

It could be that the vents are blocked.

Is there a free flow of air under the laptop?

  johndrew 10:06 20 Jul 2010

Are you blocking the fan inlet on the bottom? This can happen if you use it on a soft surface such as your lap.

How old is the laptop? Does the fan need clearing out? click here click here

Or is it simply the hot weather?

  Dark Mantis 10:58 20 Jul 2010

Give it a good blast of compressed air through the inlet slot and watch the dust blow out the other end!

  T0SH 16:02 20 Jul 2010

Check your power management settings if this is set to maximum power, try changing it to battery optimised on both AC and the Battery powered options it may help to run cooler

also be sure the rubber feet on the botton of the laptop are still in place as these keep the laptop base raised above the surface it is sitting on to provide an air path to cooling fans

Cheers HC

  woodchip 16:32 20 Jul 2010

This is a Overheat problem Blasting with Air only blows it further in to the Laptop, it needs the top bit of above the Keyboard to get at the CPU Heat Exchanger it will be blocked with what looks like felt, its Dust and hair etc.
If your a Smoker it will make matters worse

  segdef 08:21 22 Jul 2010

Many thanks for all these suggestions. The fan is clean and I've checked the power options - it still runs hot. The fan comes on almost immediately I boot up which says to me it's too early to be heat - so what else can be causing the fan to constantly run?

All offers greatly received....

  woodchip 09:40 22 Jul 2010

You cannot see the fan in a Laptop as its in a shroud, it needs taking in bits keyboard will have to come off to clear the heat exchanger

  onthelimit 11:07 22 Jul 2010

I think the Acers have a copper heat sink which the fan air blows over - could this have become detatched from the CPU?

  onthelimit 11:09 22 Jul 2010

You can see the layout on this one for sale click here

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