overheating fan??

  Eddie 2425 21:34 22 Dec 2009

help pc wont start press button and all i get is a beeping noise, cleaned the cpu fan and heat sink
and it worked ok but now its gone again,just keeps beeping ,fan works if i remove heat sink then stops replace heat sink fan dont work

  STREETWORK 21:42 22 Dec 2009

How many beeps?

Could be that some power connector has become loose. There can also be a problem with a connection between components within the case.

Remove and reseat any power connectors, remove and reseat any cards installed. If its an older Pc change the motherboard battery (button type)

Do this with the PC unplugged and discharge any static from your person by touching a gounded metal object such as a radiator beofre fidling inside...

  chub_tor 21:45 22 Dec 2009

Are you saying that you have removed the CPU fan and then switched on with no fan on the CPU? If so you may have destroyed the CPU by overheating.

  Eddie 2425 21:49 22 Dec 2009

origanally it beeped none stop took out the fan and dusted it down it worked ok for a while now it beeps for 4 or 5 times then switches off

  Eddie 2425 21:53 22 Dec 2009

no i removed the heat sink fan still running but only did this for a few seconds

  chub_tor 22:01 22 Dec 2009

Then you might want to look at this post on Tom's Hardware click here it sounds as if it is fan fail signal and that you should try replacing the fan. Mind you depending on the processor and motherboard overheat protection you could still have damaged the CPU - can you tell us more about your CPU and motherboard.

  Eddie 2425 22:20 22 Dec 2009

sorry its not my pc friend asked me to have a look at her pc as it was making funny noises, so i located the sound to be near the fan cleaned it out put it back and it was ok but it packed up again so i did the same again, only this time it dont work.the fan comes on but slowly, if i take the heatsink out the fan does come on full speed then goes off

  chub_tor 09:01 23 Dec 2009

It may be the BIOS needs re-setting, take a look at this thread click here about half way down you will see some clear instructions. Follow them and try again. (If you cannot locate the BIOS jumper that is mentioned or you are not sure where it is just leave the silver battery out for about an hour and you will have the same effect).

  Eddie 2425 09:27 23 Dec 2009

hi chub_tor thanks for that link tried to reset bios still beeping going to remove battery. Would a new battery solve the problem

  chub_tor 18:41 23 Dec 2009

I doubt if putting in a new battery would cure the problem you have but it certainly won't do any harm.

  woodchip 19:16 23 Dec 2009

If you had the hetsink off did you use conductive paste before refitting it

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