kat64 21:49 27 Feb 2007

Hi, Earlier I put the heater on in my little Computer room. It was on longer than i expected and got rather hot in there. when i started to use my Computer it suddenly turned itself off. It wont turn on again. Is there a safety thing that cuts off the power when it overheats and will it reset itself when it cools.
Kind regards

  Technotiger 22:00 27 Feb 2007

With luck, yes, that may be all that has happened - wait at least an hour until it has cooled down, then try again.

However, a warm room should not really cause overheating, I would get that at least the inside of the case needs a good clean-out of all the dust that gathers in there - also the fan blades probably need cleaning too, and check all round for ample air flow around and through the main case.

  Technotiger 22:02 27 Feb 2007

I would get - should be, I would guess ...

I would also advise removing the outer case to help cooling, you could even use pc with side of case left off.

  Technotiger 22:04 27 Feb 2007

Me again - in Summer, I have a large Fan aimed in the direction of my Tower.

  Technotiger 22:06 27 Feb 2007

why can't I think of everything all in one go ...

check also that the Fans are actually spinning!

  kat64 22:27 27 Feb 2007

Hi Technotiger,Thanks for your advice I am at the moment cleaning the fan blades etc. I have 3 fans inside the tower. I must admit it happened once before and it just wouldnt come back to lifeuntil next morning.hopefully that will happen this time.
I will let you know what happens
many thanks

  Technotiger 22:38 27 Feb 2007

OK - good luck.

  Totally-braindead 22:47 27 Feb 2007

kat64 I have to point out that if the fans are working properly then running the PC with the case sides off may increase the temperatures rather than cool them.
I realise this may not appear to make sense but the cooling in a PC is done by airflow, basically cooler air from outside is sucked into the PC, is dragged across the components, which are warm, taking some of the heat away from the components and then the warmer air is expelled out the back.
Take the sides off and you disrupt the airflow and it may then run hotter.

  kat64 23:02 27 Feb 2007

totally-braindead, thanks for that info I have just put the sides back on.

  baldtaco 23:31 27 Feb 2007

If it's not an old machine you can monitor the temp with this - click here

  kat64 23:52 27 Feb 2007

Thanks for that info baldtaco,
If my computer fails to start up again where do i start looking to replace any components????

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