overheated laptop

  petite 19:09 01 Jul 2006

Having second thoughts about buying new laptop/desktop, I am thinking now that my old laptop may be yet saved.
It is now about 3 years old, and it is a dell. It was sent to service for overheating and for switching off after the blue screen appeared. The second problem was to do something with the modem, it did n't stop completely over the time but it didn't ocurr as often as before so I put up with it. But the problem with the overheating happened recurrently every year. Now, I haven't got warranty anymore and it switches off when it is very hot, and that happened after just 20 mins of beaing connected, unless I put some space in between the table and the laptop with a book or something and blow some air elegantly through the fan slots (or I hope that is where I am sending the air :D) Can I change the fan myself or it is worth it sending is it better to send it back to dell. I don't want to spent much more money or time, because I am finishing my written works for the MA, but iyt is switching even more often now, I don't want it to die before I finish my essays.
Can anyone suggest something to save it, before it is too late???
Many thanks

  Dorsai 19:42 01 Jul 2006

Sounds like you need a laptop cooler.

Google has click here to say.

Cant reccomend any one seller or product, not having a laptop, but it sounds like one might be what you need.

  petite 22:37 02 Jul 2006

Thanks for your advise. I am about to order one. I am just comparing prices and delivey times.Then I will see what happens. I wouldn't have thought of that, so thank you very much for that!

  josie mayhem 23:18 02 Jul 2006

It sounds like a fan problems, have you checked to enure that all vents aren't being blocked either by dust or the surface you'll puting it on?

Is it a case of cure or die?

Taking a laptop apart is hard, a lot of short fine conections (and properly better done with a second pair of hands, a hefty note pad and keen eyes)

You will need to know all the details about your laptop and what fan it takes (some manufactures make available tech/service info about there machine, google serach is poss. You might be able to supply a replacement.

If this isn't possiable and you end up buying a replacement not all is lost... As long as the hard drive is in good working order, then buy a caddy for it cost about £15.. then turn the hard drive into a external hardrive! I did this with a old laptop that I had that was money wise beyond ecomonic repair...

  woodchip 23:26 02 Jul 2006

Behind the slots is a kind of liquid cooling through pipes to a small radiator. You get a build up of hair fluff that gets like felt and block's the vent. It needs miner dismantle to get to it and removal. I am not familiar with how the dell comes apart As I have a Medion, And that had collected some over 20 months. but not enough to shut it down.

If you poke anything in the slots you may burst the pipes etc

Blowing will not remove it

  petite 12:08 05 Jul 2006

Thanks josie mayhem and woodchip for your replies. The vents aren't definitely blocked, just the opposite. I normally remove everything around and place the laptop over something that could lift it to allow some air to go through (a dictionary for instance, that is the reason of my bad spelling).... I feel very nervous about dismantling a laptop. I will try the laptop cooler first and if that holds it a bit longer until I finish writing my essay, then I can probably aford to make something wrong while dismantling.....It should arrive tomorrow, and I really hope it keeps it working a bit longer as it gets hot sonner and sooner...Many thanks for your advices.

  petite 15:00 07 Jul 2006

THe laptp cooler arrived and at least I could work for more that I have been doing lately, for about 5-6 hours in a row, plus I am not so nervous and I can work better. I now that in a short time I should clean or change the ventilator, but I will write again crying for help when the moment comes.
For now, I can carry on working. Many thanks to the people who wrote to me giving advices. They were very informative and useful.

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