chelle35 16:13 23 Jun 2005

i am running win xp home on a amd athlonxp 2500+ i have the core centre on my comp but its running upto temperatures upto 53c then it crashes usually when am playing a game but now has started to do it when online it ha recently been formatted and only been happening since then i no the weather is warm at the moment it has five fans in the comp the system temperature is running fine but seems it is the cpu can anyone tell me the correct settings for the core centre or is there a setting in the bios i could sort it out with this comp was home built and just slightly over a yr old any info would be appreciated

  ashdav 16:29 23 Jun 2005

Had this problem with my 2500+ a few days ago. Kept shutting down with nothing showing in the event log. CPU temp was always below 55. I solved it by taking the side off the case. CPU temp is still the same but it works. Must be something else overheating that's not monitored.

  chelle35 16:43 23 Jun 2005

have tryed that but only brought the system temp down it only took it down from over 53 to 51c cant understand it it has five case fans and a cpu fan just hought maybe a setting on the core center or bios might be wrong

  ulrich 18:31 23 Jun 2005

Is everything nice and clean inside the case, you may find the cooling fins blocked. My AMD XP 2200 PSU threshold temp is set at 54c, right now while I am on the internet for the last hour it is 45c and the mboard 31c.

  chelle35 18:59 23 Jun 2005

yes have checked the fans are not blocked and working give it a clean as soon as it started to happen thanks alot

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