Overcurrent detected shutting down in 15 seconds

  bumpkin 15:17 24 Jan 2015

Can anyone explain what this means please. It only happens on initial start up and is normally OK on second attempt. Old desktop with new PSU but also did it with the old one.

  caccy 16:10 24 Jan 2015

It sounds as if you have a component that is starting to fail. When it draws excessive current it gets warm and then on restart,because it is warm, it draws less current and works correctly. Can you substitute any of your plug in boards ie Graphics, just in case it is one of those? This type of fault can be a nighmare to find. In a workshop a can of freezer and a hair dryer would be used if substituting known good boards did not find the fault.

  Bris 16:16 24 Jan 2015

The most likely cause of this are the capacitors charging up.

Capacitors are like rechargeable batteries. When you first switch on they draw a high current and as they reach a fully charged state the current drawn falls away.

This is born out by the fact that when you power off and back on again all is OK and thats because the capacitors retain their charge for a period.

Old capacitors, particularly the electrolytic type, become leaky and their efficiency drops along with their ability to hold a charge.

In itself this is not particularly problematical and may improve with use.

The most likely culprit is the motherboard but may be anything thats connected so you could try to track it down by disconnecting as much as possible and gradually re plugging devices until you find whats causing the problem.

Another but less likely cause are the fans and disc platters as they will draw more current when spinning up.

  bumpkin 17:39 24 Jan 2015

Thanks for your replies which I understand but the PC has a new 650W PSU, it would take a lot to overload that or is something else being overloaded causing the shut down. No big problem but something I have had for months which is puzzling me.

  Bris 18:28 24 Jan 2015

I dont think the message is coming from your PSU unless it has some intelligence built in in which case you would have installed some software and would probably have a USB connection to the motherboard. It would seem to be coming from the OS as a result of a sensor on the motherboard.

If it is as a result of a capacitor then using it or leaving it on while you are in attendance may improve the situation.

As you rightly say a 650w PSU should have no problem powering the PC and it will have current limiting circuitry to limit current flow anyway but its likely to shut down without warning if its limits were exceeded.

  Bris 18:55 24 Jan 2015

There is some evidence on the web that this could be due to USB over current.

Does the word "USB" precede the message?

  bumpkin 19:12 24 Jan 2015

Thanks Bris, the message is not coming from the PSU as it occurred with the previous one a 500w which checked out OK with a decent tester. I happened to have a new PSU so thought I would try it as nothing lost. I may have missed out some info in the original post, It says USB device overload. Now there was a damaged usb port on the front of it but I disconnected it assuming it was that. There still remains one usb connected via cable to the MB the others on the back are directly to the MB. I will try pulling the connector out to that.

  bumpkin 19:14 24 Jan 2015

AH but I think it will disconnect the whole front panel.

  bumpkin 20:54 24 Jan 2015

Thanks Rumpelteazer. I will have another look at it, I thought I had disconnected both front USB ports but something is causing this

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