overclocking.....making CPU temperature decrease?

  dan boy 11:24 31 Jan 2004


ive got an AthlonXP 2600+ and Asus A7N8X-X mb. (win XP pro). I tried overclocking the processor the other day by changing the CPU multiplier from 12.5 to 13.5 for some reason my games started juddering and my CPU temp had gone down from about 42-47 to 31-36 degrees. I didn't change the HSF or any other options in the BIOS. I put it back to default settings and the temperature went back up.

Am i doing it right (im abit of a newbie) because i thought the whole idea was to make things faster. Also i thought the temperature would go up significantlly, not down.

Any ideas would be most appreciated!


  Cog Neato 11:36 31 Jan 2004

Any ideas would be most appreciated!

...... Why are you doing this? What are you trying to achieve?

Mostly overclocking will only increase speed in a measurable way (ie. benchmark) and not be noticeable in an everyday working way.

MY idea for what it is worth, is don't do it. You obviously are experimenting ( with potential danger btw) but it is your money and your choice.

It can be fun though and if you've got the money for a new motherboard etc the carry on.

Enjoy and good luck!

take the temperature's?

Just that a probe on the board *could* be damaged thus causing the problems..

Anyhow the XP2600 may well need to be unlocked for you to overclock properly

  Allan-263226 12:50 31 Jan 2004

The CPU is unlocked as he could change the multiplier.

I have the XP2600+ tbred B running @ XP3200 speeds = 11*200 FSB.

The reason your game became unstable is because your settings are more than likely out of sync.

What memory are you using? When you change multiplier or fsb in Bios, you'll more than likely need to up the voltage on memory (vdimm) and cpu (vcore).

I really doubt the temps would have decreased though, best of downloading Speed fan or mbm5

  dan boy 17:58 31 Jan 2004

yea, i used the temp reading in the BIOS. I'm using 512mb PC2700 DDR 333 memory. Dunno what you're on about with 'out of sync' but have you got any ideas how to be 'in sync'. My mate says i shouldn't change the FSB speed unless i get a better HSF, as im using the stock one. But if i do what you did (11x200) would this be okay. Because im lowering the multi-plier to get a higher FSB, (is that theory correct) or will i still need a better HSF.

Any ideas would be most appreciated! (dont take the p***)


  Rayuk 18:16 31 Jan 2004

Just keep an eye on your temps when you overclock you may or not get away with what you have.

in sync means you are running the memory and cpu fsb at the same level ie 166/333 and 166/33 for both instead of say cpu 166/333fsb memory 200/400fsb where you can create a bottleneck between the two

By lowering the multipler and raising the fsb you get better results,in your case only having pc2700 memory will be a drawback

  tenplus1 18:36 31 Jan 2004

There is another way to speed up your PC without overclocking which isn't as dangerous and won't cost you a bundle if all goes wrong...

1) Make sure all your drivers are up-to-date, especially you graphics card and directX...

2) Check that DMA is enabled on your hard-drive / cd-drive's as this will speed up disk access considerably...

3) Turn off those memory wasting / slow loading services that you really don't need in everyday usage of your pc... here's a guide: click here

4) Get a good spyware checker as spyware will not only slow your internet connection down but also your pc... Search & Destroy 1.2 is pretty good... here's the link: click here

5) The usual, tidy up your temp files, defrag your system and take good care of your pc...

  dan boy 21:43 31 Jan 2004

thnx for your help everyone. I think ill revert back to defaults just to be on the safe side as im not sure the temperature reading is correct.

Thnx for the tips tenplus1, im trying the search and destoy spyware later

Thnx again


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