Need4Speed 07:36 05 Nov 2005

What are the pro`s and cons of overclocking?

Could it be done to a AMD 64 X2 4600+ PROCESSOR, what speed would it run at?

Would it be worth it?

Any info please...... Thanks

  PaulB2005 08:23 05 Nov 2005

Pro - faster speed at no cost

Cons - Runs hotter therefore shorter life span.

Different processors will overclock to different levels so it's hard to predict what gains you will get. Also watercooling will help you achieve higher speeds.

  SANTOS7 10:50 05 Nov 2005

Faster speed that you will probably not even notice,
if you want to make your pc run faster run it cooler which will also expand the life span of your components, whereby overclocking will certainly not....

  Need4Speed 11:05 05 Nov 2005

how can I run it cooler?

  SANTOS7 11:12 05 Nov 2005

thermal paste, bigger/better fans, more fans
click here
swap your ide cables for something like the ones in the link, creates more space therefor more airflow..

  spuds 13:24 05 Nov 2005

If you are not sure about overclocking and you have no experience, then do not attempt it. It's not for the fainthearted.

  flyingbrit 19:27 05 Nov 2005

I don't think you'll need to overclock an AMD64X2 4600+ to do anything you need to do now! I wouldn't try it anyway, unless you really know what you're doing,you'll end up blowing you're CPU.....not worth it

  Strawballs 19:42 05 Nov 2005

click here don't know if this can be any help

  007al 21:04 05 Nov 2005

why would you want to overclock a dual 4600 cpu??
i have an amd 64 3200,its overclcoked to 2.4,but it cost less than £100. if you wanted to try your hand at overclocking,i find it much more exciting trying to make a slower cpu faster,rather than having a cpu that can handle everything and seeing if it will go a bit more. its not like you would notice it.

  007al 21:36 05 Nov 2005

how did you get on with mesh,by the way?
back to the overclocking...i have an abit fatal1ty sli mobo and thermaltake soprano case with hiper type R psu.the motherboard has otes fan cooling which can be left off,and used to take heat away from the cpu when its running at full load for any length of time.the case has two huge quiet fans for intake and exhaust,and a side fan for aiding cpu cooling,cpu heatsink/fan is arctic cooling and near on silent.the faster you want a processor to go,the more you need cooling,but then you need quiet fans too,or water cooling.in total,i have 9 fans on case,mobo,cpu and 2 graphics cards.i went for the abit board purley for the uguru panel which allows me to overclock and change fan speeds without entering bios.
the panel allows me the freedom of ramping up the cpu whenever its needed,rather than having it run overclocked constantly.this way i have a quiet pc until i need all the fans running full on to keep temps down.
it works,as my cpu runs at 29-30% idle and up to 45% when overclocked and benchtesting

  wolfie3000 12:58 06 Nov 2005

If the overclocking is to run games that take up alot of gfx power then over clocking it may help a bit but my advice is to leave alone.
better to have a slower pc than a dead one.

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