overclocking q6600

  project 90 01:02 27 Dec 2008

hi guys,
just got a q6600 and asus p5n-d mobo and was wondering how to overclock my chip to 3gig at least, i have tried various ways reccomended by places but to no avail just seems to loaad past my bios and crash.
has any 1 got any ideas?
i got the latest bios from asus the 0801.
also noticed my ram according to cpu-z is running at 400mhz even though in bios its set to run at 800mhz and all the ram i got in my pc is crucail ballistix pc8500 cl5 so capable of goin to 1066mhz?

hope some1 can shine some light on this cheers

  project 90 01:56 27 Dec 2008

also tried using the 0601 bios but still nothing :(

  ambra4 02:02 27 Dec 2008
  project 90 12:06 27 Dec 2008

that link was to graphics but looked around and found core 2 duo oc'ing guide i give that a look thanks,
still like to know if any 1 else had problems with that board and overclocking?

  project 90 15:15 27 Dec 2008

also noticed too that if i touch any settings on my fsb in my bios even if a save it and the exit re-enter my bios straight after it boots up again the settings are goin back to auto?
any 1 heard of this happening b4?

  project 90 19:01 27 Dec 2008

some how its fixed its self :S

  project 90 19:48 27 Dec 2008

it ran 3dmark got 13k but only ran prime95 for like 5mins or less and BSOD,
how do i know what prob was?

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