Overclocking and over voltage error message

  Trepan 17:50 04 May 2009

Bit of a long one this so try to keep cool.

My PC was making a noise - fans vibrating etc. So off comes the side and I can see nothing other than a thick coating of dust and the Fan that is mounted on the processor heat sink which is a large round aluminum finned device was thick with dust also the whole of the heat sink/fan assembly was loose on the MB. I found two of the four locking pins loose. However i took the fan/heat sink off and got rid of the dust and after carefully cleaning all the other dust out of the cabinet etc I started to reassemble but noted that some white paste had sort of melted and run all over the processor and also the back face of the heat sink that is in contact with the processor.

I cleaned up the melted stuff from around the processor and pasted as much as possible back on to the face of the processor.

re-fitted the H/S and Fan then switched on, but after loading the software the thing shut down after displaying the Message in the title. Did this three times and each time I refitted the H/S to the MB thinking I had not got located correctly.

at present it is working but any ideas what caused this and what remedial action I need to take to stop it happening again or failing altogether?

  OTT_Buzzard 17:56 04 May 2009

The white stuff is Thernal Interface Management Paste and MUST BE APPLIED. DO NOT RUN YOUR PC WITHOUT IT IT WILL FRY THE PROCESSOR!!!!!

  OTT_Buzzard 17:59 04 May 2009

fortunately your PC seems to be shutting itself down to avoid damaging the CPU.

You will need to buy some TIM paste. Get some Arctic Silver 5 (click here) or equivelant.

Make absolutely sure that it is applied properly (instructions can be downloaded from the amnufacturers website)

Hopefully no permanent damage has been done to your CPU

  canarieslover 18:02 04 May 2009

Sounds like overheating. Where you have taken off the heatsink youshould have cleaned off all the old paste and then given it a thin coat of new thermal paste. The purpose of this is to fill in the minute irregularities and ensure good heat transfer from the processor to the heatsink. Probably you do not have a good contact between the two and so the prcessor overheats and shuts down. Take apart again and clean off fully and then apply fresh paste and you will almost certainly be up and running again.

  Trepan 09:58 06 May 2009

Many thanks for the info and advice - have ordered the thermal paste as per OTT_Buzzard's link and will do the biz ASAP.

Fingers crossed as they say.

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