Overclocking Intel Duel 2 Core E6600

  wightman 23:56 15 May 2009

Hi Guy's
I am considering overclocking the Intel Duel 2 Core E6600 CPU. Has any one had experience doing this with this processor? If so, what improvement did they achieve? and to what value did they increase the Core voltage to?

  OTT_Buzzard 01:10 16 May 2009

Got a lot of experience in overclocing generally, but not specifically the E6600....That said, 3.0GHz should be an easily acheivable target if you motherboard and BIOS allow for the right settings.

In any case, there is no way of saying what core voltage you will need for your processor. They are all different, and by a large degree.
A lot of what you need to do depends on the motherboard, RAM and cooling you have - if you can post back some details I'll gladly give you some pointers. Need to know:

Motherboard make and model
BIOS revision if possible
What CPU cooler yopu are using
What RAM (make, model)
Processor VID if possible (use CPU-Z to get this information click here)

It would help if you could say how much experience you have in BIOS adjustments.

Overlclocking is not something you should jump straight into, but you can get solid results if you take your time.

  retep888 02:24 16 May 2009

Successful overclocking largely depends on your motherboard and your ram,and don't forget you'll need a good PSU too.

The 6600 runs factory at 2.4 Ghz, as you well know, at the set multiplier of 9 and a Frontside bus of 266.67 ish.

If your mobo allows,setting the FSB to 350-400 will give you 3.15Ghz-3.6Ghz,you might have to bump up the VCore to 1.25-1.3V.

Depends on your make of mobo, there are quite a lot of settings you'll have to change in the bios setup page.


  wightman 11:16 16 May 2009

Hi guy's
Thanks for your responses, I am reasonably competent working within the BIOS, I also agree it is no the place to learn to 'walk' so to speak.
My specs are as follows:...

M/B Asus P5VD2-VM bios ver.1003
Chipset: P4M900
South Bridge: VT 8237A
Rated FSB: 1099.5 mhz
Core Speed: 1649.6 mhz Multi x6

NB! The core speed using CPU-Z suddenly jumps to
2479.6mhz Multi x 9.?

Core voltage: 1.136 increasing to 1.280v momentarily.
Bus Speed: 274.9 mhz
Processor VID
Standard Cooling Fan:

Memory: 4Gb (2 x 1 Micron PC2-6400 (400)mhz

Grateful for your offer to assist.

  OTT_Buzzard 11:32 16 May 2009

Is this a branded / shop bought PC? I didn't think that Asus put this board on general retail?

Don't worry about the jump in cire speed - t's a system called EIST (aka Speedstep), which reduces the processor multiplier when the CPU work load is low. It's an energy saving measure....

You might struggle a little with a good overclock. Your max FSB support is 1066MHz which means any significant jumps are going to be unlikely. Strangely, it looks like you are using 800MHz RAM, but your mobo only support 667MHz max????

  I am Spartacus 11:32 16 May 2009

I wouldn't go over 3GHz with the standard heatsink, it's not up to dealing with high temperatures from increasing the core volatge. My E6600 had a VID of 1.2375v and successfully overclocked to 3.6GHz with 1.3875v using a Thermalright Ultra Extreme Heatsink. It also overclocked to 3GHz without increasing the core voltage.

Every processor is different and a lot depends on the motherboard though so you may not get those results. A low VID often means though that you can get decent overclocks. Core Temp will tell you what the VID of yours is click here

When Speedstep is enabled the processor runs at a multiplier of x6 jumping to x9 when under load.

A decent guide to overclocking at click here

  wightman 11:54 16 May 2009

Hi Guy's
Once again thanks for speedy responses,in answer to OTT_Buzzard yes the machine was an original Mesh,which has been up rated component by component.
I was attempting to push it a little bit further, however it seems it may not be worth the bother?
Money is tight and perhaps it was worth considering? Thanks again.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:27 16 May 2009

All may not be lost.....

I'm just reading your motherboard manual, if the FSB Strap settings can be adjusted to limit RAM speed then an overclock to 2.7GHz or there abouts may still be possible.

Although the mobo's stated max FSB is 1066MHz, it does allow for stepless selection to 1200MHz.* This would allow for a theoretical CPU speed of 300 x 9 = 2700MHz (i.e. 2.7GHz)**.

The increased processor speed and increased FSB combined may still give a noticable jump in performance. Personally, i'd give it a go!!

*FSB frequencies in BIOS are normally listed at a QUARTER of the rated value. That is, a BIOS FSB frequency of 300MHz, will give you 1200MHz RATED FSB. This is a system known as QDR or Quad Pumping.

** CPU speed is calculated by taking CPU multiplier x unrated FSB.

  wightman 12:51 16 May 2009

Hi OTT_Buzzard
Just read your last post,thanks for your time.
I will try what you suggest and give it a go after the weekend.
Will post a report of the result in this forum.

  wightman 12:11 28 May 2009

Hi Guys
Sorry for the long delay in replying,I have carried out the various tips given in this post...Result a mildly unstable M/B (to say the least) Have come to conclusion that rather than frying the mobo and chip, I am leaving it running sweetly as it is.
Now to save up and start a ground up project that will keep me occupied for a while.
Cheers to all who responded

  wightman 12:12 28 May 2009

From original poster this post is resolved.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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