overclocking, how and is it worth it?

  jeez 22:03 23 Apr 2003

I am toying with the Idea of overclocking my pc, but am, to be honest, really scared it'll go bang. Has anyone done this or know of good articles to get me started, and overall is it worth it?

  devilsprofessor 22:10 23 Apr 2003

I have a pc that is overclocked and it's not by very much. Tbh it's not worth it, it's not like you're gonna increase it by a ghz or anything amazin and if u go too far it will poop....thats happened to me too.
Weigh up buying a faster processor you will actually notice the difference on or replacin the processor u already have it it goes poop.
If you do decide on doing it, you do it thru yer BIOS :)

  The PC Doctor 22:20 23 Apr 2003

I would suggest reading click here before trying anything. You can also do an Internet search using the search term; overclocking

I overclock my 1800XP to just 1900 - Even though I know it will go an awfull lot higher, I feel that this is just about the safe limit for my setup and I know that the CPU will not overheat with my CPU Cooler.

The main problem with overclocking is that the CPU will run at a much higher temperature and you then have to cool it.

The question you have to ask yourself is; Can I afford to go out and buy myself a new CPU (Maybe a new motherboard) - if the answer is yes then have a go at overclocking. If the answer is no then don't.

You will have to accept that you may well damage your CPU by overclocking and have to replace it.

BE VERY CAREFULL! Read up on it before you try anything

  flecc 22:30 23 Apr 2003

Ive never considerd it worth it, the gains are very small at best. Greater gains can be made by using common sense on your software loadings, number and type of programs installed, and the options loaded in Windows Setup.

Most users run with a large number of items installed in Windows Setup which they never use and which can usefully be thinned out. Windows 98 and ME benefit the most from these sort of configuration changes, but XP can also gain a little in this way.

If you are running Windows 9x/ME, also check out the 98Lite program from click here which can increase the range of options for software removal and performance gain.

  woodchip 22:33 23 Apr 2003

I over clocked my 1600xp to 1900xp and only thing that I changed was the FSB in cmos but you need to watch the Temps. I had No extra fans, just CPU fan and PSU fan Temps hardly moved, I ran it wore two weeks to check it with not one problem and could feel the difference but reduced it back to a 1700xp

  jeez 23:43 23 Apr 2003

I just read a good article and it seems a lot of the adjusting is in bios but my hp machine seems to have a custom bios that don't let you play with these features. The mobo is an fic am37 and I'd really like to flash the bios with fic's update for this board (faster processor support and better disk support, etc) but their bios seem's to have all the options enabled too, but I don't know if hp have done something to the bios to stop this and I don't know if I'll kill the bios, any idea's?? even stray thought's I need all the help I can get on this one, thanks

  jeez 23:45 23 Apr 2003

oh, my specs are hp pavilion 414.uk, fic am37 mobo, amd athlon 1800xp cpu, 40gb hdd, 32mb savage 8 graphics.

  jeez 23:46 23 Apr 2003

n 256 mb pc2100 ddr ram

  woodchip 23:53 23 Apr 2003

Have a look on the motherboard for a jumper with letters by it and FSB numbers like 133/133 that is the correct speed for a XP CPU, but I have had mine up to 150/150

  hugh-265156 23:58 23 Apr 2003

Fleccs advice is good have a really good clear out of all the programs you dont use etc clean out the tamp files defrag tweak the services running click here unneeded programs running at startup click here and you should see a difference.graphics card overclocking has a bigger impact for games etc and is maybe not as risky.

  hugh-265156 23:59 23 Apr 2003

tamp files???temp even.

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