Overclocking Granite Bay RAM

  ambrosi 13:55 14 Mar 2003

I spent a bit of time yesterday trying to get my head around basic overclocking principles, but now have a question that is puzzling me.

Granite bay mobos 'officially' support RAM upto DDR226. However, it is possible to install quicker RAM (333, 400) in the bays, but this will be automatically underclocked to 266. (Am I on the right lines here?)

My query is thus: Are Granite Bay boards unable to have their RAM overclocked past 266, period, or is it possible, if quicker RAM is installed, to overclock to quicker Dual DDR.

eg. I put 2*256MB of DDR333 to the RAM bays. These will default to dual 266Mhz, however, is it then possible to over-clock these to say 280Mhz by tweaking the system?

Hope I'm making sense here.


  DieSse 14:09 14 Mar 2003

Well if it is, it will tell you in the manual I suppose.

There is no chance it will improve matters by overclocking 266 modules to 280 - and they may become intermittently unstable.

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