Overclocking - Am I playing with fire??

  Never again 21:18 11 Jul 2004


I read an article about overclocking which stated that overclocking is just about harnessing the latent power in my pc components.

Well I run an old p3800 with 512ram and a 64mb ati rage video card on a tyan tiger 100 motherboard, running win me, which is getting a bit tired so I thought "what have i got to lose"?

I went into the bios and altered the fsb speed from auto to 103.? and the processor speed went up to 823mhz. higher fsb speeds resulted in windows not starting, but my pc seems to be running ok.

Am I playing with fire or do any of you have any suggestions for further improvements.

  Totally-braindead 22:16 11 Jul 2004

Yes you're playing with fire. If you can afford a new PC then go ahead and try to overclock this one, if you can't then don't. You'll end up with a lovely plant pot if you get it wrong.

  helmetshine 23:13 11 Jul 2004

Never Again

You are,quite literally,playing with fire....the more you overclock the faster it runs and the hotter it gets....so if you don't have sufficent cooling you could burn some components out.If you are going to overclock do it in small increments and run it for some time after to check that it isn't overheating....if you get any suspicions that it may be getting too hot turn the PC off...when you restart go back into the BIOS and clock it back down again,but be warned,if you go too far you may not get much warning before you burn something out

  Gaz 25 01:45 12 Jul 2004

Mine are marginaly tweaked - just a tad - but my cooling system is what most call 'mental'.

Don't risk it.

  Never again 06:58 12 Jul 2004

Thanks for the advice everyone.

I think that I'll just save for a newer pc.

I don't like the idea of no pc.

  Meshuga 08:49 12 Jul 2004

This question should have been asked "Before" doing it. Meshuga.

  Never again 09:08 12 Jul 2004

Sorry Meshuga, but we can't all be perfect.

Live a little and learn a lot, that's why I asked the original question.

There's no harm done to my pc and nothings been changed which can't be undone.

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