Overclocking ... and 8800 GTX's...

  xgermz 12:53 05 Apr 2007

Ive heard many a time, that you need a powerful processor to run a 8800GTX.

Heres my current rig,

BFG 680i Motherboard (lastest bios)
QX6700 Quad Core Extreme @ 2.6 Ghz
BFG 8800 GTX OC x2 (yes, theres 2 in Sli!)

Ignoring cooling issues (not a problem), what actual speed would i have to overclock my processor to, to actually remove the throttling? Ive heard 3.2 Ghz, but thats for a single GPu.


Second Question, with my CPU, since its multiplier unlocked, id simply have to increase the multiplier to overclock it? As i have a BFG motherboard, and all the voltage settings are set to AUTO, so id assume they would compensate to any overclock i make?


Third question, with my graphics in sli, ive noticed that the graphics are quad sli compatable, i.e. both cards have 2 bridges on them, but since im only using them in normal Sli, would connecting the bridge on either port be okay?


  jam500 08:01 06 Apr 2007

Hi, I have not heard of having to overclock a cpu to run the 8800gtx or any card infact, Your cpu is very good so it doesnt make sense to overclock it! No you have to change the front side bus (FSB) to overclock the cpu and when you hit the limit of say either the cpu or memory as it affects the speed of the momory, Then you decrease the multiplier to bring back the speed to the memory to as close as to the original speed as the memory will be running to fast. As for the 3rd question i think you will have to check the manual. I hope this helps as there is alot to think about when overclocking, As i said increasing the FSB also makes the memory run faster and also affects the graphics port aswell, Maybe someone else could explain better.

  insyder 14:23 06 Apr 2007

Surely if you have two Dual cards, running them in quad configuration makes sense ? Why overclock your CPU - Try overclocking your graphics card if anything - unless you just want see how much you can squeeze out of everything, But watch your stability.. and lock ups.

  Totally-braindead 14:29 06 Apr 2007

As long as you know the risks of overclocking then carry on but with a system like yours which surely can run any program with everything set up to max I have to ask whats the point?

I have a mundane Athlon 64 3500+ with a 7600GS graphics card and it runs every game I've thrown at it so far at 1024 x 768. I was thinking about upgrading the graphics card a bit so I could up the resolution but I'm not going to risk overclocking it.

If you don't get much help here because I think most of us are not into overclocking can I suggest you look at this Forum for advice click here

  jam500 16:10 06 Apr 2007

I am very lucky as i have a very easy to use motherboard for overclocking. I know that its old but im currantly running a P4 2.8 overclocked to 3.2 and im waiting for a better cooler to arrive to increase further, And my old agp card is also overclocked and like Totally-Braindead it runs every game with high settings which is enough for me as i rarely see any differance with AA and AF on.

  xgermz 10:03 07 Apr 2007

My processor (since its an extreme edition) is also easy to overclock, i.e. increase the multiplier. Its also easy to overclock the cpu via increasing the FSB. I will have a go anyho as no-one has mentioned before to "bring back the memory to as close as to the original speed"!

As for the GPU bridge question, there is nothing mentioned about it in the manual, i guess i will have to grace BFG's inbox for a second time, but their first response, was to use the setting set via the motherboard... as the bridges come with the motherboard, and not with the graphics, but then again i have a BFG 680i motherboard..

As for a need to overclock a system like mine, the main reason is this, being a quad core, most games wont even touchthe other 3 cores, even supreme commander doesnt touch the other 3 cores, even though its meant to be one of the few multi-core games, however this is a bug in the software i.e. supreme commander and 64x Ultimate DONT mix, but this is more in commen with other games too.

  jam500 10:36 07 Apr 2007

Try click here You might have to create an account but its free. On the left hand side go to IT Forums and it has things on overclocking there. I buy their magazine and it is very good with a nononsense approach.

  Stuartli 17:30 07 Apr 2007

How to overclock the 8800 series feature:

click here

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