Majin_Vegeta 13:07 01 Mar 2003

Hello, I was wondering can you please help me with this, I currently have a AMD Duron 750mhz, i was wondering how do you overclock this as I want to overclock it, everywere I look they say that you can do it in the BIOS but when i try it says that the cpu is still running at 750mhz and it does not change. can you please help me or do i need to buy a new cpu and motherboard.

  Gaz 25 13:17 01 Mar 2003

Dont overclock, unless you have good PC cooling, or it could overheat.

I did overclock a 1Ghz but over heated, then I got some good PC cooling and it was OK.

To overclock, you need a BIOS that lets you over volt it or a utility, Type overclokers into download.com or something.

Hope helps.

  MartinT-B 14:38 01 Mar 2003

Overclockers.co.uk (based here) or Overclockers.com (US based) are the two most well known overclocker sites.

Both have very good forums (free registration required).

Overclocking can be done in many ways, but you need to read about it first. There are some very good books on the principle available in good books shops - or maybe your own central library has one you can borrow.

In short, you can increase the speed of which you processor works, you can increase the voltage, you can increase the bus speed. You can also o'clock your graphics card and your ram.

You can do all or some or any combination of the those options. Lowering one and increasing another can be better than cranking everything up.

Any warranty on any clockable part of your PC is invalidated by your attempting to overclock it.

If you have bought a PC bundle (rather than self-build) you could invalidate your ENTIRE warranty IF they find out you overclocked just one part of it.

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