marty03321 17:03 21 Feb 2011

Hi all,
I am currently running an AMD Athelon XP 2800 CPU in my Abit NF7 motherboard.
I am thinking of overclocking to speed things up a bit.
Will I have to beef up my fan?
And What are the pitfalls?


  GaT7 17:23 21 Feb 2011

The difference may not be much so, to begin with, I'd suggest increasing the system RAM you have - especially if 1Gb or less.

Yes, a better CPU fan (than the stock one) will most likely be needed to keep temperatures reasonable.

There are some free ways to boost performance a little, so start by telling us your present RAM amount (including how many slots free) & hard disk size (including how much free space). I'm going to assume you use WinXP, but let us know if it's any other. G

  marty03321 18:01 21 Feb 2011

I am using 2.25gb at the moment, and soon will be 3gb. That will be 1gb per slot then.
hard disk is 149gb with 19.3gb free space.
And yes Win XP.

  GaT7 19:20 21 Feb 2011

I'd recommend upgrading to a larger hard drive then - click here to so some related reading. A 500Gb SATA drive is about £32 delivered from eBuyer click here (smaller drives are about £3-5 less, so 500Gb is the one to choose). I think this will arguably have a bigger impact compared to a RAM increase.

But before that try a cleanup + some tweaks - see Fruit Bat's 1st post & my one (of Fri, 21/01/[email protected]:40 lower down) at click here.

Also consider a fresh XP install after doing a data backup - cures most slowdowns for me. You will need your original install disc & Product key, so don't attempt this without these items, & including the backup. G

  GaT7 19:27 21 Feb 2011

Looking at the age of your motherboard, a BIOS update may be necessary for the 500Gb drive. But do it ONLY if the drive does not work.

The free version of SIW (without installer) click here will tell you which BIOS version is presently installed. Run SIW, & when it loads click on BIOS under Hardware.

click here to download the latest BIOS update. If you've never done it before &/or need some help nearer the time, just ask. G

  marty03321 09:39 22 Feb 2011

My BIOS version is- 6.00 PG.
I will be ordering the HDD today.

Thanks for your help.

P.S. What will happen if I update the BIOS now? Just curious...

  GaT7 11:38 22 Feb 2011

Updating the BIOS always carries a small risk, so really should only be done if it is absolutely necessary. The risk doesn't come from the update file itself, but if something should go wrong during the update process. If this happens, you'll be left with a dead motherboard, & will need a BIOS replacement chip to make it right again.

Before updating the BIOS, another thing you need to find out is the motherboard's version/revision number click here.

Just realised the link I posted yesterday was for a slight variation of the NF7. The correct one is either click here (for v1.x) or click here (for v2.0). G

  woodchip 14:07 22 Feb 2011

I am using 2.25gb that means you are using onboard graphics, A Graphics card in the slot will make it faster but you need to know what type of Graphics card the Motherboard supports. CPU on Graphics does a lot of the work that CPU used to do so it sets this free to do other things faster

  GaT7 14:20 22 Feb 2011

woodchip, the Abit NF7 (click here) doesn't have onboard graphics, so he must be using an AGP/PCI graphics card already.

When he mentioned 2.25Gb RAM, I assumed it was 2x 1Gb & 1x 256Mb modules. G

  woodchip 15:12 22 Feb 2011

yes it looks like he just stuck a old stick of 256Mb in that he had spare

  marty03321 15:25 22 Feb 2011

I am using an Nvidia Nforce PCI card. Probably a bit dated now but does the job.

And yes I stuck in an old memory stick I had in the draw. I have another Gig winging it's way to me as we speak along with a 1Tb HDD.

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