rdave13 15:27 09 Aug 2010

I'm overclocking a Pentium 4 630 Prescott-2m cpu.
So far reached 6% approx. The 3 GHz cpu now running at 3.195 GHz. Have ran a stability test for a few hours and OK, with temps still OK.
Just wondering how far I can push this without reaching too near the disaster area?
FSB is 213 MHz from original 200MHz.

  gengiscant 15:39 09 Aug 2010

Whenever you overclock the most important factor is the extra heat produced. The better the heatsink the fut=rther you can push a chip.
In saying that some chips lend themselves to overclocking more than others.
Have look here.click here

  rdave13 15:45 09 Aug 2010

Thanks for your reply. Intel have been very kind on this motherboard bios in that I could enable overclocking easily. So my main concern is overheating? All the voltages are OK and change automatically when I up the overclocking.

  gengiscant 17:03 09 Aug 2010

Seemingly, you could push this chip to 4Ghz, but again the heat would need to be addressed.
My i5 has been overclocked from 2.6 to 3.5 Ghz without really trying.I use this click here which does the business.
Might push it to 4Ghz, but its running sweetly now,so maybe just leave it.

  rdave13 17:36 09 Aug 2010

Well, up to 3.25 GHz now and no heat issues. Might keep going a little more again. Thank you for the info.

  woodchip 18:02 09 Aug 2010

P4 run hot, For what extra you are going to get from it, I would not bother. you will not see any difference, and you are pushing hardware to what its not made to do

  rdave13 18:38 09 Aug 2010

Thanks. Well seems my settup won't go further than 3.25 GHz. Something happens to the bios and it won't load after this setting.

  sunnystaines 19:00 09 Aug 2010

I have a spare Pentium 4 630 [is a single core with hyperthreading] what m/b are you using? might build a pc around it overclocking might make it worth while.

never overclocked before, the old m/b that it was in was a dreadful foxconn 661 with next to no overclocking options.

  rdave13 19:26 09 Aug 2010

Hello sunnystains. My motherboard is an ECS 915PL-A2 v1.2
Not one of the best (quite old now) but I'm having fun. Taking the cpu up to 3.25 GHz there's no problem with the temperature side of things. 37°C at idle and 57° when stressed. What I'm trying to overcome now is that when I overclock above 3.25 GHz then the bios refuses to load. I'm slowly overclocking again and this time using another way of saving.

  sunnystaines 20:01 09 Aug 2010

are you seeing any noticable speed difference?

  Devil Fish 20:21 09 Aug 2010

rule of thumb push up fsb by increments of 10 as soon as you start to notice any instability that is the time to stop and roll back by 10 for a stable overclock, I dont know what memory you are using but that is more likley to baulk than the cpu as fsb overclocks increase the frequency of you ram as well as the cpu

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