Crazygeorge3 23:31 30 Oct 2007

Hi there,
Its time to give my PC a good tune up. Here are its current specifications:
AMD ATHLON 3500+ AM2 Socket (orleans)
3072MB DDR2 PC2-4200 (533MHZ)
Nvidia Geforce 7500LE 512MB Supporting Turbocache
160GB Western Digital
Vista Ultimate 64bit
300w PSU
Around Christmas i intend to buy the new 512MB 8800GT and a 700w PSU to power it. But until then i was just wondering, i have already overclocked my GPU and that was easy, but how do i overclock ram? i read some guides but i don't want to explode my PC , and is a 600mhz overclock possible from that ram?. I checked in my bios for anything on the over clocking of the ram but i found nothing.
Many Thanks
(P.S Is a £17 700w PSU from Aria.co.uk trustworthy?)

  [email protected] 23:37 30 Oct 2007

my advice would be to get a dual core (they are giving them away)click here the 3500 will bottleneck, oh and never cut corners with a psu, it could cost you a new pc.

  rdave13 23:40 30 Oct 2007

Suggest you study and maybe join this forum if serious about overclocking; click here . Good hunting.

  Crazygeorge3 23:41 30 Oct 2007

The 3500+ would bottleneck you say? because of what? the overclocking or the New GPU?. I was intending to get a new CPU later next year, but this year my budget is set at £200 and i think i am in desperate need of a new graphics card, the 7500le is just a slightly beefed up 7300.

  [email protected] 23:41 30 Oct 2007

sorry thought it was a higher model than the 320 gts, but it isnt click here
so you maybe ok. however vista likes dual core.

  [email protected] 23:47 30 Oct 2007

put it this way. 8800gts with a 5200x2 cpu on vista ultimate. cpu clocked @3 gz, gpu standard clock.
replaced cpu with a 6400x2 @ 3.4gz, frame rates went up by over 10 on most games, and you can slow this down (bottleneck the cpu) by increasing the gpu clock by 40. the cards are miles ahead of amd cpu's at the moment.

  Crazygeorge3 23:50 30 Oct 2007

Thanks for the advice
Still though a new graphics card is better at improving frame rates then a new CPU right?.

"sorry thought it was a higher model than the 320 gts"
I think the 8800GT is better, it is better than the 640MB 8800GTS as well i think, and it closely matches the performance of the Ati HD2900XT

  [email protected] 23:53 30 Oct 2007

click here sorry think i was right first time.

  [email protected] 23:55 30 Oct 2007

the thing is it's only as fast as the cpu feeds it and if a 5200x2 slows a 8800gts then a 3500 will slow the newer card, and then some. it will work but far from it's full potential.

  Crazygeorge3 22:14 31 Oct 2007

Thanks for the note, for now i think that i will still get the graphics card but just try and upgrade the cpu ASAP

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