bezzer20 11:08 06 Mar 2007

guys tryin to learn a bit about the old oc technique. never done it b4 apart from using coolbits on my nvidia card. is there any way of oclocking a computer thats made by a big company iv heard if you switch the jumper settings on the motherboard or summit? course when i go into bios setup now it doesnt let me change any settings, its a hp a1620.uk, pentium D 820. cheers any help much appreciated

  Totally-braindead 11:19 06 Mar 2007

Do you understand the risks of overclocking? Basically you are forcing your computer to work harder than its designed to and as such the biggest problem is heat. If you overclock the components get hotter and can destroy themselves.
Personally I've never tried it as if things do go wrong I cannot afford a new PC and I don't consider the risk worth the increase in speed.
If you know the risks and still want to try it then have a look here as an example click here

  bezzer20 11:24 06 Mar 2007

yep i understand all the risks etc. but apparentlyyou can oc easily by upto 10% on the majority of processors

  Madscot_uk 12:34 06 Mar 2007

It is possible, but most major manufacturers lock out the options in the bios to overclock the processor & the components in the case aren't usually designed to cope with the extra heat output.

Your processor is fast and you would see very little difference from a 10% overclock in real time performance.

As Totally-braindead rightly said its usually not worth the effort.
I built my own pc & overclocked the processor from 3Ghz to 3.8Ghz, all for a couple points increase in a benchmark program and hot processor but otherwise no noticeable difference, so its now back to normal

  bezzer20 12:46 06 Mar 2007

yeah i know but i guess its just an instinctive part of humans to exceed the boundaries etc! just noticed their is a piece of software called clock gen, may try it out lol

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