bleu 17:15 20 Jan 2007

hey i was just reading these forums and ive been up late most nights trying to figure out how to overclock my cpu. overheating is not a problem i have a very good cooling system set up where under alot of stress it max's out at 42/C*.

My mother board is GIGABYTE GA-81945GMF.
My prossesor is a PT4 630 LGA775 3GHz 2MB L2-cache 800 MHz FSB(single core) HT enabled
ive been tring to overclock it with the easy tune 5 program it came with in the motherboard and it doesn't help at all and the bios only has the feature ot slightly overclock the memory
any ideas would be very appreciated

  Madscot_uk 18:49 20 Jan 2007

Have a read of these 3 articles, it hopefully should answer some of your questions

part 1 click here
part 2 click here
part 3 click here


  SLAYER 19:05 20 Jan 2007
  bleu 19:13 20 Jan 2007

the problem im having is not having the options on my bios to overclock
what should i be looking for in it to do so
i already know how to over clock
im just woundering why i can't find the right components

and if not what progrmas(if any)should i download to overclock it

  User-312386 19:28 20 Jan 2007

IN BIOS with that board select Ctrl and F1

  SANTOS7 19:58 20 Jan 2007

Cannot see the point in overclocking a P4 3Ghz CPU unless you can count in milliseconds cos thats all your going to acheive.

On most branded PCs the option is hidden or locked so if you really want to you will need your MOBO manual which may give you a key combo to engage this option for you.

The only other option you have are the suggested third party progs that may do it fro you,good luck..

  bleu 20:34 20 Jan 2007

i tried the reboot and hitting ctrl f1 and it gave me opptions that has nothing to do wth overclocking
does this motherboard have the overclocked setting in it?
btw i checked out what my CPU is running at and it says 2991.89mhz its even running slower then factory specs lol

  User-312386 21:48 20 Jan 2007

MB intelligent Tweaker (MIT) you are looking for in the BIOS to overclock

  woodchip 21:50 20 Jan 2007

In todays world it's not worth it. Unless you fancy blowing your comp

  bleu 21:51 20 Jan 2007

i looked and opened every setting theres ntohing there like that lol now u see where my sutration is coming from

  bleu 21:52 20 Jan 2007

overclocking is very worth it
u save hundreds of dollars and u only blow it up if u don't know what ur doing

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