dmertl 14:10 25 May 2005


Built my first new system at the weekend and amazingly it all works!!

But I want to ask about overclocking; how do I do it and how far can I push the CPU?

The mobo is Gigabyte GA-K8V Ultra 939 with VIA K8T800 Pro Chipset. The CPU is AMD Athlon64 3000+ 1.8Ghz 521Kb L2 Cache. Memory two 512Mb DIMMS DDR333 PC2700

Also is there anyway I can tell what speed my AGP is running at i.e. 8x or 4x I looked in BIOS and can't find any settings.

Thanks for any help.

  mattyc_92 14:55 25 May 2005

You could probably get the CPU up to a AMD 3400+ (thats 2.4Ghz to you and me... lol)...

Most motherboards now come with software that will allow you to do this the safest and easised way possible... Otherwise, you have to change BIOS settings (which the program does, but automatically, so there is no human error)...

  vinnyT 15:27 25 May 2005

You're going to find that the biggest limiter to oc'ing on your system is the ram, pc2700 is not great for a system of your specs.

Low latentcy ram, such as Patriot XBLK extreme bandwidth is an excellent pc3200 make.

Or for serious oc'ing, Corsair 1024-4400C25 will be able to match any oc that you care to make.

Hope this helps.

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