Overclock Amd processor. + some hint

  Hansrud 19:48 28 Mar 2009

Hei , i have maken my own cumputer , an i was just woundring if it is wise to overclock both in bios , and in the Amd vista software that follow with the product.( My mainboard is MSI K9A2 Platinum, with Amd Athlon 64 X" 4000+ processsor, and 2 giga ram (Had orginal amd 6000+ processor, but i put it a smart place an now i can`t finde it. :( Is it a big different on thouse 2?) The graphics card is Nvidia geforce 9800GTX 512 MB DDR3. Have this in a big tower from Nvidia 850w power. The reason i say this, is becouse it would be nice for me. I`f any off you could come with ideas, how to get it better.

Thank you

Oddt77 (AD/HD)

  Hansrud 20:36 28 Mar 2009

The first one to help me , i send a nude pic of wife .Very nice:)

  MAJ 20:44 28 Mar 2009

"The first one to help me , i send a nude pic of wife .Very nice:)"

Second prize is two pictures.

If you have to ask about overclocking, you don't know enough about it to try it.

  Hansrud 20:55 28 Mar 2009

I`m sure u are vice person. But i can`t help my self . i have to try . An it works good now, even if i don`t now enough. But it can be faster. If u don`t try , u don`t learn. I just wanted som advice. Still want that pic of my wife?

  MAJ 21:02 28 Mar 2009

"Still want that pic of my wife?"

No thanks, Hansrud.

  Hansrud 21:08 28 Mar 2009

That`s cool. An i guess u can`t answer what i asked for in the first place??

  MAJ 22:28 28 Mar 2009

"An i guess u can`t answer what i asked for in the first place??"

I guess not, Hansrud.

What you asked is fairly basic when it comes to overclocking, so as you don't seem to know a lot about it, it might be dangerous for you to try it. There are lots of sites on the internet that explain the basics of overclocking, read up on the subject a little more, see what it involves before attempting it.

  FatboySlim71 23:38 28 Mar 2009

Make sure you have adequte or preferably upgraded cooling in your PC if you are going to overclock.

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