Over-ride Epson cartridge chip

  Trikie 21:35 18 Sep 2003

Am I dreaming or have I read in an earlier issue of PC Advisor of a programme that over-rides the Epson chipped cartridge and so allows use of ALL the ink in it?

  MAJ 21:46 18 Sep 2003

I don't use Epsons, but there is a thing called Zap-it that apparently reprogrammes the chips on Epson cartrides, allowing them to be refilled. click here

  Trikie 22:02 18 Sep 2003

Thanks MAJ.

I don't really want to refill the cartridges, just get all the ink that I've paid for.

  dotterel 23:29 18 Sep 2003

I think that Epson heads are very easily damaged if they run dry - that's Epson's excuse for the chip telling you it's empty.... Buy Epson cartridges from somebody like sevendayshop or try compatibles. I had problems with compatibles clogging the nozzles, but other people on the site swear by them. Take your pick!

  LAP 19:15 19 Sep 2003

We run 2 C62's on compatibles from Choice Stationery click here and never had any problems.

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