OutlookExpress 6 problem-Anyone know why?

  AngeTheHippy 23:37 06 Jan 2003
  AngeTheHippy 23:37 06 Jan 2003

Hi, I've set up 4 identities on OE6, and although I can send e-mail from all identities, when receiving mail, all messages come to just one in-box!! help!!


  DieSse 23:41 06 Jan 2003

Are you doing anything to direct them to a particular inbox? Using Rules, for instance?

Are these 4 identities all using the same email account - or aliases of one account rather than 4 different accounts?

  Eastender 23:59 06 Jan 2003

Yes you will have to create new folders for each email name and the go Message>Create Rule for message>tick Where the to line contains people.. etc.

  Allan-263226 00:10 07 Jan 2003

Plz can u give more precise details if possible plz? I am using XP, office XP and have two seperate e-mail addresses for myself and my mum, two seperate usernames

  AngeTheHippy 00:17 07 Jan 2003

I've set up 4 different mailboxes. I need to go to file/switch identities and I see all 4 boxes listed. If I go to one of the other 3 (the first, default, is my main inbox)and send a test message to my main box, it works ok. If I send to one of the other 3 boxes from my main box, it just arrives at the main box...
I'm confused...


  Eastender 00:22 07 Jan 2003

The full procedure is a bit too long winded to type here but if you search the Help menu in OE for Message rules, follow the instructions and if you get stuck, come back here.

Best of luck.

  Eastender 00:27 07 Jan 2003

I think I may have misunderstood you, do you mean that you have 4 separate email addresses and that you are trying to have them directed to separate inbox folders?

  Eastender 00:39 07 Jan 2003

I must get to bed now but tomorrow I will type up full instructions and if you haven't had an answer from other sources I will post it here.

Night, night.

  Simsy 09:09 07 Jan 2003

so I may have the details slightly wrong....


somewhere in the dialoge boxes there is a checkbox labelled something like "include this account when downloading mail"

You need to UNcheck this box for all the accounts that you dont want downloaded into the main account.

I hope this helps.

(I'm writing this at work where we dont have OE, hence I'm trying to remember what I did at home!)

Good luck,



  AngeTheHippy 11:12 07 Jan 2003

I've tried as suggested - still don't work. It **used** to work, don't know what's happened.... Getting fed up with it all... Not suicidal yet though. . . . .


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