Outlook.com - toolbar missing

  onthelimit1 12:10 06 Jun 2013

This seems so simple, but the answer evades me! I've never used this email programme, but my neighbour has been using it for some time. Suddenly, the blue toolbar along the top is missing (it flashes briefly when accessing the page, but then goes). If I access his account from my PC, all is normal, so I guess there's something in the settings, or a shortcut key that's been hit.

Ant thoughts, please?

  Nontek 13:12 06 Jun 2013
  onthelimit1 13:16 06 Jun 2013

Thanks Nontek. turns out the problem was the Ask toolbar (how I HATE all the junk that gets download by default). Once I uninstalled that, the Outlook toolbar was visible again.

  Nontek 13:22 06 Jun 2013

Didn't think it would take you long to sort it!

  onthelimit1 15:29 06 Jun 2013

Hmm. Longer than I expected!

  Ian in Northampton 16:25 06 Jun 2013

I thought perhaps it had slipped down the back of the sofa. That's where I always look first.

  Woolwell 21:43 06 Jun 2013

Ask toolbar comes with java updates unless you untick the box. I detest this practice of attaching toolbars to downloads.

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